Has anyone else experienced any problems with their travel plans--i.e. connections and flights being cancelled/revised? I'm scheduled to lv 12/30 from Mpls to Houston, then on to BZE. The flight down has about a 2 1/2 hr layover, but the flight back only has about 1 hr between flights.
My other question is: I had lodging (at Cozy Cottage) booked in Placencia for 12/-1/2. Obviously if there is anyway I can still be down there for that time period, I want to do so--they are going to need our tourist money desparately to help them get back on their feet. From the what I've been reading though, the devastation is so total, that it is going to take them much longer to get things up and running again than it took SP last year after Keith. I just wonder how long I can wait (how difficult will it be to find a room for 12/30-1/2 in SP)to decide??? Someone remind me of how to slow down like I do when I'm down there! I still have 79 long days to wait.