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BIG PARTY!! #142319
06/15/02 03:57 PM
06/15/02 03:57 PM
Joined: Apr 2000
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St Louis, Mo., USA/San Pedro
Laguna Punta Offline OP
Laguna Punta  Offline OP
Hi Friends: The BIG PARTY at the Caribe Island Resort took place as scheduled, although the volleyball game fizzled out due to lack of interest and muy caliente! The BIG SURPRIZE at the BIG PARTY was of course Dan and Hopes surprize arrival after floral arrangements were sent to Debbie, Vicki, and SweetJane, regretting not being able to attend. It was my honor delievering the floral arrangements from Riverwalk Nursury. They were all individually made, so the girls had a real good cat fight over who's was who's. I played the role as the disgruntled delievery boy, to the hilt. I could almost hear them say "what an ass" as I was leaving. HEE HEE!! Barefoot Skinny performed brilliantly despite the early hour (4PM), and there was plenty of good food and drink, had by all!! I enjoyed meeting lots of folks inperson, whom I had only known over this wonderful message board. Announced absent were Chlois and Rick/Cheri. Next time, amigo's. I really enjoyed the "hot tub" with Little Miss Siftin Sands, Debbie, and SweetJane. It seemed like 50 or so people where in attendence, so lets everyone help me out with all the "dirt". Take care: Bill

Gone fishing!!
Re: BIG PARTY!! #142320
06/15/02 05:11 PM
06/15/02 05:11 PM
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South Texas
Chloe Offline
Chloe  Offline
"HOT TUB" you say? hm
Oh yes, we are waiting post from the other Boarders, on the Party, giving us more info. on Bill, and hopefully they will not be cloaked.

Dare To Deviate
Re: BIG PARTY!! #142321
06/16/02 07:16 PM
06/16/02 07:16 PM
Joined: Apr 2000
Posts: 4,262
St Louis, Mo., USA/San Pedro
Laguna Punta Offline OP
Laguna Punta  Offline OP
Well, Chlois... it wasn't exactly a "hot tub", it was more like a warm swimming pool.

Gone fishing!!
Re: BIG PARTY!! #142322
06/16/02 11:34 PM
06/16/02 11:34 PM
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Maui, Hawaii USA
denverdan Offline
denverdan  Offline
O.K., I am soooo sick right now... I can't talk, throat is really sore and have been ill all day. (Jane you brat, thanks for giving me your crud!) BUT I have to get in at least something on the board before all come back! So here goes....
Well we made it home safe and sound last night about 11:30 PM! WHAT A UNBELIEVABLE FAB PARTY Vicki and Butch threw!! Although a lot of it is a bit of a blurr I must admit. lol
Bill Thornton picked us up at the airport. Although Ms. Vicki had sent a driver for us we opted for the purple steed. I think the cab man was a bit mad.... but ya know... here we are on the island AGAIN... and I just can't pass up a ride on the purple steed ...
Bill already filled in about the "cat fight" between the girls and the flowers, so I'll just skip that part only to add... You little trouble maker you Bill!! GREAT JOB!
Caribe Island Resort and it's staff were very, very, nice our entire time there! Our fridge was filled with some staple foods we had requested before arrival for Dan's breakfast, and a case of Belikin for mine. Vicki was soooo sweet and put a beautiful, yummy basket in our room filled with tons of fruit, cheese, crackers, and a couple Belikins with CIR coolies. What a great start to this whirl-wind party!
Vicki is one of those people that ya just REALLY like automatically when you meet her, and a VERY special hostess!!! Even though she was a pro football cheer girl, she's not all snobby and cr_p. thank gawd, cause I have met some... Her hubby Butch however would not wear the gift I brought down to him. (bottom lip poking out right now and I want to be mean cause of that....) Ya know Anne Child worked her butt off decorating that stuff, and I schleped it all the way out there and nobody wanted to wear it. BLAST & wah wah wah! O.K. I'm over it now and will continue...
They are BOTH such really great people whom I hope to see in Colorado real soon!) What a job Vicki did to ensure EVERYONE's GREAT TIME!!! Love ya girlfriend.
Jane is soooo funny, really nice, and talks a mile a minute. OMG... talk about a fire cracker! OH, OH, did I mention she plays a geetar and sings like an angel! Even though I've seen her pixs a thousand times lol, I didn't realize she was as tiny as she is! I really think I could have gotten Frank fired up, but I lost track of him... lol Where the heck did he get off to???
Debbie is just an adorable sweetheart with a heart of gold... GEEZE I think that sums her up really well!!! It was GREAT to meet her and her hubby Mark as well! We got to know each other more the next evening and she was just cracking me up big time!!! You punta queen bitc__ you. lol I plan on practicing when I feel better, BUT... I'm sure it will be the wrong way still! hehe
Bill Thornton... well... I just plain love him dearly!!!!! I just gotta start practicing my dance steps to keep up with him next time! ;-)
(Hope that ain't too gooshy Bill) When he twirls a girl, WATCH OUT...cause you be TAWHIRLED!
Gela... well Gela, where the heck did ya disappear to? Found the suitcase in our room the next am and didn't know what to do with it. lol Is there actually a Gela or were you a figment of my imagination? ;-) What a gal to bring all that crap down for me and not even know me. Thank you GELA! Where are you Gela?
OMG... Paloxy (sp) and Scott.... Ya know, THEY are an entire entry all by themselves and I need to go to bed here. lol I WILL however go there later!! :-)
VVC AND MLarry.... hmmmm, they be teachers and I shy away from a lot like them. Got to wait and see you at the CCACS to say much about you. ALTHOUGH.... I do remember Dan trying to find ya for a megga batch of "cripplers" lol
OMG.... there were so many people there... steve, ray, lacy, bla, bla, bla,
I was toasted then and don't do names well. ;-) BUT.... I do remember I had a great time!!!
Can't tell ya about the hot tub incident... I don't remember... But I can tell you Bill Thornton does NOT LIE! hehe
Skinny was the best as usual!!! Although he probably doesn't even know I was almost in me birthday suit when he knocked on our door. lol (Dan and I did a "test" the next day and NOPE and WHEW.... the wall blocked the view!) I shoulda figured that out since he didn't have heart failure right then and there. Hopie nekid... NOT what ya want to see at any hour. lol
ANYWHO.... got to get to bed now, I am pretty ill thanks to Jane I suspect. ;-) Still love ya girl... sure hope your O.K. cause I feel like cr_p!

Re: BIG PARTY!! #142323
06/17/02 07:56 AM
06/17/02 07:56 AM
Joined: Jun 2002
Posts: 4
Corpus Christi, Texas
Coastal Dude Offline
Coastal Dude  Offline
Hi All....had great time in SP meeting all of you !! Vikki and Butch are ""SUPER"" hosts and made us feel right at home at Caribe Isl. Hope everyone made it home safely and without difficulties. It's 7:45 am CDT and fully expect Debbie to sleep another 2 hours. She collapsed into bed as soon as we hit the front the door and deactivated the alarm system, LOL... (bags are still packed)We talked a lot on the way home about experimenting with various meals we ate at Calientes. I recommend the lobster cooked in a cream sauce of cilantro and garlic. We also want to experiment with making the sopa de limon. Kudos to Bill's for his recommendation of this fine eatery. Guess I'll go and change out of my sleepwear and head for the backyard to water my bougainvillea and struggling palm tree.....and dream a dream of SP. Thanks again.......oh, o....I think I hear the princess moving around in the other room !!! What was that about watering plants??????? [Linked Image]

P.S. Dan...I'll come to Colorado if you promise to keep the chipmunks and magpies away from my corn nuts and beer!!!

Coastal Dude.

Re: BIG PARTY!! #142324
06/17/02 08:08 AM
06/17/02 08:08 AM
Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 2,364
wish we could have been there. so glad a good time was had by all. that is what all the great memories of life are made from. i am so enveeeeeeeeeous. i'm going to cry big crocodile tears in my smirnoff ice.

Re: BIG PARTY!! #142325
06/17/02 12:19 PM
06/17/02 12:19 PM
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Laguna Beach, CA, USA
munichchick Offline
munichchick  Offline
We are glad to hear you all has such a great time!

Re: BIG PARTY!! #142326
06/17/02 02:52 PM
06/17/02 02:52 PM
Joined: Feb 2002
Posts: 5,255
bucks county, PA
sweetjane Offline
sweetjane  Offline
frank was playing Frogger2 on the laptop & watching spongebob with the kids [Linked Image] it is a tough life but someone has to do it. i did see him come down for a few drinks. i told you he was somewhat antisocial.

firecracker, huh? i was on so much medication (sick all week) that night, and hadn't drank that many shots in 20 years.

our suite was awesome! mention of you dancing with me at fido's saturday? it was much fun!

i think debbie never imagined THAT would happen in a million years!!!

and...catagory 7 is REALLY good!

Re: BIG PARTY!! #142327
06/17/02 04:53 PM
06/17/02 04:53 PM
Joined: May 2000
Posts: 2,090
Corpus Christi, Texas USA
Debbie Offline
Debbie  Offline
YAWN!!!!!! I'm finally awake. I'm exhausted.... Did I dream that I went to San Pedro and partied my ass off?????
Yes, Jane is a fireball!!!she kept us all going mile a minute. She's like the energizer bunny..... Had to take the damn drum away from her!!! LOL I wish I had her energy. Even sick as a dog she can sure rock and roll!!! Yes, Jane, Mark enjoyed dancing very much... I hope you did!! Many won't dance with him, as he "nasty" dances. Wasn't Skinny and Category 7 just the best??? We closed the place down after you left!!
Butch and vicki were the most gracious hosts and just the best people. And let me tell you. They can throw one hell of a party!!!!! Skinny was even there!!!! Their home is so cute and the Caribe Island Resort is to die for... I was so impressed. It's by far the nicest place we've stayed in while in San Pedro. The tile work and decorations in the rooms are lovely. (Ya did good Vicki) They are spacious and all have wonderful views. The bar and restaurant were convenient and very nice. We had a lobster lunch before we left that was awesome. The pool is perfect. The water was clear, cool, and refreshing. The grounds were lovely. I sure hope my photos of the flowers come out well. These two have thought of every detail. Pool toys for the kids, kayaks, paddle boats, wind surf boards and water trampolines. If you get bored at this resort something is wrong with you. It even has it's own dive shop!!!
Oh, by the way... Vicki, did you ever find my elusive flippers???? Think Bill wore them home from the party???? Maybe he thought they would go good with his tiara and boa?
Now get this all...... Hope and Dan (Denverdan) played such a joke on me.... Sent me, Vicki and Jane flowers saying how she was SO SORRY she couldn't be there, and then the little toot showed up just in time for the party!!!!!! I was speechless. Literally. Dumbfounded. It was the best. My cheeks hurt from grinning all night. I couldn't believe all who were at the party. Also in attendance were scubahooters, bywarren, Gela, Mountain Larry and wife, Bill Thornton, Sandshaker, Paluxy and her new husband (what a man!!! You'll see the pictures I'm sure)Skinny's sister, NJGirl and husband, Mito Paz from Greenreef, a couple from upstate New York who I'll be damned if I can't remember his board name, Leslie, my new Michigan friend, Chicho and his sweet wife, and SO MANY others..... After three of the free shots, it's hard to remember....... I can't wait to get my pictures back. If I sound over excited. I was. I am. I didn't even sleep my first night. I was to wound up. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING IT THE VERY BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! It was a once in a lifetime affair and I'll treasure the memories always...

[This message has been edited by Debbie (edited 06-17-2002).]

Re: BIG PARTY!! #142328
06/17/02 04:58 PM
06/17/02 04:58 PM
Joined: May 2000
Posts: 2,090
Corpus Christi, Texas USA
Debbie Offline
Debbie  Offline
Rick and Cheri!!! You were also there by proxy. We hung up your picture on the guest list hung over the bar so you both could "see" everything... So you were there in spirit!!! Thanks for the pictures!!!

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