Hello. Thanks for the great information I have found on this board! I have several questions about a trip.

My wife and I will be in Belize on our honeymoon a week from today and would like to go to Tobacco Caye. Is there a bus (on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday) from San Ignacio (where we'll likely be unless we go straight from Belize City) that arrives in Dangriga early enough to catch a boat out to Tobacco?

Given that Garifuna Settlement Day is that Monday, Nov.19, will we have a problem finding transportation to Dangriga that weekend or Monday? Will many things be closed and boats out to the island be out of service for the festivities?

Do you have a favorite lodge on the island? Reef's End is a bit out of our price range, and I understand they had some damage from Iris. Ocean's Edge looks good, as does Tobacco Caye Lodge. What is Tobacco Paradise like? (I saw a great trip report in the archives that mentioned this one.) We want to dive (newly certified), snorkel, and relax. Ideally, we would like a private cabana.

Do you think we would be able to arrive in Belize City on Friday, Nov.16, call one of the lodges, and secure accommodation, or should we expect everything to be full?

Thanks for any information. We've changed our plans after Iris and so are planning this at the last minute. We're excited about our trip!