I spent 3 nights at Black Bird Caye Resort.
The boat ride out was long but pleasant. We arrived in time for dinner and free flowing Rum Punch. I had one orange juice, dinner, then to bed.
Good buffet breakfast served at 7:00 and 1st dive at 8:00. I couldn't have asked for a better dive master; Ruben Natividad. Not only good diver and guide but very nice to look at. He was born in Belize but lived most of his life in Guatemala. He taught me a technique for a serene safety stop. He carried a pair of ankle weights with him and put them on me at 20'. Then he had me cross my ankles and hang vertically. I learned to do it, but not perfectly.
We did three 2-tank dives a day for the two days I was there. With one exception we came back in between dives. Being a wide-angle photographer I was disappointed in the walls. There were only two sites that I loved and I mean I loved them! Saw some pure green tube/rope sponges mixed in with the reds and yellows. Beautiful.
Macro divers may have liked the other dives more than I did. The recent hurricanes have done a lot of damage and many of the dive sites are now coral rubble. Of course the little critters thrive there.
Ruben picked up a rock with a hole about the size of my thumb in the top. Peeking out were two little eyes. I turned my modeling light on it and the Blenny actually perked up out and I was able to see the entire body. Honest, he was the size of a grain of rice.
There was a 70-year-old woman with her two grown sons and 5 of their 8 children in a tri-plex. One guy was up and out fishing every morning at 5:00 and didn't come in until dark. The others fished, but not like that. On my 2nd day Mimi caught a 5' Wahoo and was generous enough to share it with all of us for dinner the following night. Delicious.
The sand flies were awful. Mosquitoes usually do not bother me, but these no-see-ums ate me up. From my ankles to my knees was a mass of red blotches that I scratched into scabs.
The main hall was traditional thatched roof, high ceiling finished in dark native woods. Meals were buffet and good. There is a small bar, lounge area, and self-service center as well as the kitchen in the back. Each cabana is rather large and simply furnished. I told Dave, the on site manager, that they needed more pictures on the wall. I'm not sure if it was the bed or I but I did not sleep well at all.
I would say that if you were a casual diver or deep-sea fisherman, romantic couple or party person you will love Black Bird Caye.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles