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#147684 - 01/19/03 10:17 AM Travelouge and article  
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Dr Buzzard Offline
Dr Buzzard  Offline
Just thought I'd finally post this travelouge w/pictures and an article I wrote. Will add these and latest trip (last May) to a single homepage soon.

Dr Walkabout Buzzard

#147685 - 01/19/03 11:57 AM Re: Travelouge and article  
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Chloe Offline
Chloe  Offline
Tyshepp, thanks for providing good reading on this Sunday morning. I like your style.

Dare To Deviate
#147686 - 01/19/03 01:05 PM Re: Travelouge and article  
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Johnboy Offline
Johnboy  Offline
Tyshepp----I think you are the envy of several people.....What I wouldn't give for that chance several years ago....Good Luck....John

#147687 - 01/19/03 02:24 PM Re: Travelouge and article  
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Marty Offline
Marty  Offline

amen chloe, great reading on a sunAM!
beat the heck outta the morning paper!!!!!

i should be out on the soccer field, which is my sunAM location of choice, but this is my second week off from crippling blows by the meanies on the other team...

:> rough sport sometimes...

sure sounds like a wonderful adventure tyshepp! i'll have to come by and say hey one of these times!

gonna add those links into our ongoing Belize Links page at:

#147688 - 01/19/03 02:53 PM Re: Travelouge and article  
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Mel S Offline
Mel S  Offline
Yo Ty ! Both of the articles were completely incredible. They were well done, the script, and the pics ! After reading these works, you just want to jump up and have a great adventure in the American tropics. Way to go hermano mio, Mel S.....

Mel Sinderman
#147689 - 01/20/03 06:36 AM Re: Travelouge and article  
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Mexicana Offline
Mexicana  Offline

I loved your photo/travelog.....Since ancient Mayan Ruins have always been a curiousity of mine the Cave photos were especially interesting. The history of the culture is facinating. Your place sounds like my kind of fun. Hope you can do it full time soon!

#147690 - 01/20/03 08:23 PM Re: Travelouge and article  
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Dr Buzzard Offline
Dr Buzzard  Offline
Well, yous guys made me inspired to finish my latest travel-log. I got some pictures we'll put in latter, but here is the main part...

Date: 5/7
Time: 0400 ET
Lat: 40.15 North
Lon: 76.78 West
Temp: Damn Cold

Well, got my darling in the car and left the house heading south. Finally got to Baltimore and hit good old I-95 and steered towards BWI. Man, itís cold and I donít want to wear a jacket Ďcause I know itíll just be in the way later. Stop in front of the Continental gate, toss the keys to my baby, blow her a kiss knowing Iíll see her in a couple of days and pick up my bag and start to take a walk.

Time: 0530 ET
Lat: 39.18 North
Lon: 76.67 West
Temp: Still Damn Cold
Check in and we hit the runway. Soon. Land in Houston, a quick change of planes and a few hours later Iím getting out in nice warm Belize City. Everything going as planned.

Change planes in Houston, head south.
Lat: 17.32 North
Lon: 88.18 West
Temp: Ahhhh, nice and warm!!!!

Landed in Belize City. Yes! Get out of the damn plane and I see my old buddy ďOKĒ up on the viewing ramp of the Phillip Goldston Airport. Clear customs and immigration and me and OK jump in his Jeep and head the heck out. We head out and get to the Western Highway running towards Belmopan. The crazy OK has the cooler full of beer but no gas in the dang ol jeep. So we get to the gas station at the corner of Western Highway and Coastal Highway and got to fill up. Holy moly, gas is almost $7 Bz a gallon. Cut Belize dollars in half and you get the equivalent in US dollars. I was going to drive on to Belmopan and go south on the Hummingbird Highway, but there was an old hen hitching for a ride down near gales point and OK wanted someone to chat with, so we picked her up and took the ďshortcutĒ to Stann Creek. I think the ladyís name was Debbie or something like that and she was a nice enough old bird. Dropped her off near her house by Big Creek and we headed on south to Hopkins where I wanted to visit my friend Mark at the King Kasava. Stopped in Dangriga on the way and picked up a couple of cases of Biliken.

Hung out at Hopkins for a while banging the drums and was going to stay there but old Mr. Oaks showed up out of nowhere and needed a ride to Riversdale. Mr. Oaks is one of the founders of Riversdale and I guess he was visiting family there in Hopkins. Well, since I got to go to Riversdale anyway, we all piled in the Jeep and headed that way. Had a good time on the ride even though I could only understand about half of what Mr. Oaks was saying. Think that bitters (a rum drink) was doing his eighty year-old heart pretty good that evening. Anyway, dropped him off and headed on over to my place by the nice warm sea. Oh man, that sea felt so good. I believe that man crawled out of the sea on gills way back at the beginning of time and we still have the link to the ocean that soothes the sole and rejuvenates a tired spirit. After being in DC for the last year and being on edge all the time, I could feel the mother ocean come inside my being and refreshed my mind, body and spirit.

Well, other than the metaphysical, Riversdale is certainly growing. The Nex World construction (NEXCOM) group had grown and has several buildings for workers, a gas station and a convenience store. What used to be called ďBaymenís Rest ResortĒ which had never opened has been bought by a feller named Paul and opened up as the ďLost Reef Resort.Ē They got six or so cabaŮas plus Miss Caroline from Holland had the restaurant and bar open and served good rum and cokes and even better home-made pizzas.

I got to tell you a little about my place. It had some storm damage, but OK had dome a lot of work before I got there, plus me & him took some old pylons that Hurricane Iris had deposited on my place (from the old pier) and shored the place up, put on some more roofing, patched the deck, and heck, the place is about as good as new. We now have a flush toilet and septic, although you got to get the water from the little well. We got a generator so we can have some lights a night and run the microwave, although we have never micro waved anything there. Plus OK put in a water catchments around the roof so we are trapping rainwater for drinking and cooking with. We put in a little shower although Iíd still rather walk about a quarter mile up the beach to Blackís creek to take a fresh water dip. But hold on now, I think Iím getting ahead of myself.

Date: 5/9
Time: 1500 ET
Lat: 16.31 North
Lon: 88.22 West
Temp: Real fine

Well my darling is flying to Placencia airport and Iím there to pick her up. Went down to Placencia village first and said hello to Janice, Glen and a few others. Business seems to be back to normal although Janice told me two of her cabaŮas at Tradewinds had been blown away by Iris. A lot of the places that had been on the old road (sidewalk) by the sea were gone, or you could see what was left of them over by the lagoon side where they had landed. I am an optimist however, and look for the good in everything. I found one piece of good news, which was that Cozy Corner had been wiped off the face of the earth. That was the most arrogant and snobbish place I think Iíd ever seen in my life. Hell, that place belonged in France with the way the staff was so arrogant. Anyway, they are gone with the winds of Iris!
Bringing my drifting thoughts back to course, my darling come flying into the Placencia airport and had a grin from here to the moon when she got off the airplane. We headed back ďup de lanĒ but she wanted to stop in Seine Bight first and order a rum and coke! I wonder how me and that woman ever get along Ė ha!

So we run around and frolic and play on the beach and swim in the water for a few days to get ourselves aligned with the mother ocean again. Blackís creek makes good for fresh water dips but we are careful not to go too far up the river for the crocs are not so hospitable up there. But they leave us alone down by the mouth of the creek. And at night it is so nice, no body around for a long ways, and we have a rum and think about the difference between going one mile down the road, where you are only one mile down the road, compared to going one mile up towards the sky, where the temperature is cut in half and you can hardly breath because thereís not much oxygen, and wonder why we think such thoughts. But somehow it seems as if the ball called earth we are all riding on is a complex place with simple rules.

Date: Heck, I donít know, it was a few days later
Time: Sometime when the sun was up
Lat: Yes
Lon: Yes, thereís one of them too
Temp: Ahhhhhh

We decided to head down to Punta Gorda for a couple of days. Headed west back the Riversdale road to Southern Highway, and yes, headed south again. It seemed like a long drive because about half the way down the road isnít paved yet (Iíve got exact mileage of paved and unpaved if anyone really wants to know). But I thought it was a nice drive and enjoyed getting out on the road and the scenery. I havenít been down to PG before, but I imagine it was a much nicer drive before Iris. So many of the trees were knocked down and tops blown off, and I assume that must have been from the hurricane. But it was still beautiful and the mountains just seem to have popped up in the most unexpected and marvelous ways.

PG is a fun place and I really enjoyed the people there. It was also nice to get to see TV over at the Sports Pub and watch some basketball, even though the Spurs didnít fare so well.

Date: Heck, I donít know, it was a few days later
Time: Sometime when the sun was up
Lat: Yes
Lon: Yes, thereís one of them too
Temp: Ahhhhhh

Went and did some Mayan ruin exploring near PG and then played in the Rio Grande rive (really, but itís not the one you know between Texas and Mexico). Yumiko had some fun when a family of hogs came and were surprised to find us in their river. Did some hiking in the jungle and found some small Mayan abodes way off the beaten track, but didnít find anybody at home. I really enjoyed our time in PG and found the people in town and in the surrounding area to be super friendly. They get a few tourists down there but it is definitely a little off the beaten path as they donít get tourists like they do in Ambergris and Placencia. The Sports Pup was a fun place and with the NBA championships going it was very lively. I donít remember the name of the hotel where we stayed (if I can find my notes Iíll insert the name) but it was a nice place and you can find it by turning right in front of the Texaco as you come into town, then look right down the next street and itís there on the left. A nice couple run the place and keep it clean and safe. I think we paid about $20US for a nice sized room with cable TV, shower, and hot water.

Date: Heck, I donít know, it was a few days later
Time: Sometime when the sun was up
Lat: Yes
Lon: Yes, thereís one of them too
Temp: Ahhhhhh

Headed back up de lan towards Riversdale again. Took our time. Yumiko drove most the way so she could practice driving a clutch. We probably averaged about 10 miles an hour, just coasting along and enjoying the remoteness. Got back to Riversdale eventually and hung out at the Laughing Lizard Lounge (under my sea grape tree). Tradewinds were high so the sea wasnít good for fishing or snorkeling. But still feel good for just wading around. We ate most the time from meals that NEXCOM made for the workers. We got big platefuls of food for about $3. Once in a while weíd go over the restaurant at the hotel and get pizza as that was real good. But mostly we hung out at our place or chatted with the local fishermen about their catch for the day.

Date: Heck, I donít know, it was a few days later
Time: Sometime when the sun was up
Lat: Yes
Lon: Yes, thereís one of them too
Temp: Ahhhhhh

After a few days me and Yumiko went to the Cockscomb Basin for some hiking. Went running around the Jaguar preserve looking for Jaguars, but I guess they could hear us before we saw them and took off. Did see some cool birds, a frog, and some lizards. Took a dip in a clear cool river and went up a mountain to a great view of Victoriaís Peak. Then we headed on back to Hopkins. We stayed a few days at (INSERT NAME) and met the nice folks Greg and Jan. They had very nice rooms right on the beach plus a great Garifuna style breakfast for $50 a night. Thatís a bit higher than I like paying, but the place was very nice and well worth the money.

Unfortunately for Yumiko, she got her Belize souvenir there. When we went jumping out in the water, which was still murky due to the high trade winds, she kicked a Spanish Sting Ray that decided to kick her back. As I carried her out of the water with blood pouring from her ankle, I thought she had been cut or bit by something. I was hoping it wasnít a cut because then you never know what might of cut you. But some local kids came by and recognized right off that it was from the barb of a Ray. We took Yumiko to the village clinic and the nurse gave her a shot and some pain pills. Didnít seem to help at all though. Jan told us the best thing was to soak the foot in hot water as that seems to break up the poison from Sting Rays, Jelly Fish, and Scorpions. We did that and it worked! Yumiko finally fell asleep, and although sore for a few more days, she was OK. She still got her little Belize mark on the ankle thoughÖ

Date: Heck, I donít know, it was a few days later
Time: Dang, getting close to having to leave
Lat: Yes
Lon: Yes, thereís one of them too
Temp: Ahhhhhh

Date: 5/23
Time: 1200 ET
Lat: 16.31 North
Lon: 88.22 West
Temp: Real fine

Damn, itís time to go home. Said our goodbyes at the Bellevue Hotel and headed to the airport. That same airport that looked so nice when we arrived, now looked like the gate to hell as we had to go check in for out Continental Airlines flight back to the greatest nation on earth, but also knowing we were heading back to the most working nation on earth too.

At the airport we met up with a couple we had seen down at Maya beach. Had a couple of highballs and talked of our adventures and shared lies. Like the old Jimmy Buffet dude sings, you can shake the hand of the mangled man and ride on the wind that our forefathers harnessed before us and get drunk and screw. Everyone goes though all these stages in the tropics. We all gain a small respect for our fellow travelers, even if they all insist their name is really ďJimĒ and never had a last one. Anyway, Iím sure weíll see our buds again down the road.

Drank the last of the rum and smashed out the cigar butt, headed out the door, across the tarmac and up the stairs to be swallowed into the belly of the 747. Damn, why canít we ride some wooden ships and plunder or smuggle? As the jets screamed and pushed us down the runway, I had a fading glance of a thought that I need to get back out on an aircraft carrier or ride a horse. Yumiko put a pillow under my head and soon I was dreaming that flying back home was just a bad dream.

Date: 5/23
Time: 2200 ET
Lat: 40.15 North
Lon: 76.78 West
Temp: Damn Cold

Story is over. Itís damn cold here and I got to work all the time. Iíll let you know what happens next time I head south. (big dreamy smile).

Dr Walkabout Buzzard

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