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Weather 6/20 #15030
06/20/02 05:42 PM
06/20/02 05:42 PM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
the rains in Cayo have been non stop since yesterday morning. It was raining so hard I could almost not hear him on the phone!

in Corozal, they are approaching serious flooding conditions -- forecast is two days more
-- at least.

From Cayo area:

The Macal River started rising about 5:00 am, and peaked about an hour ago at close to 35' above normal, and is receding very slowly. Moved our vehicles
to higher ground around 8:00 am, and almost didn't get back upriver to Ek'
Tun. For the first time ever, our guests couldn't leave as scheduled, so will
stay another night. The guests who were supposed to be arriving today are
stranded at Jaguar Paw. Don't know if there is water across the road around
Belmopan, but wouldn't doubt it... We were told by a BEL dispatcher that
is a tropical depression sitting somewhere close, so it may continue....
what a
lot of water!!

Re: Weather 6/20 #15031
06/21/02 08:55 AM
06/21/02 08:55 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
Torrential rains spawn floods in south and

Ever since Hurricane Iris carved
a path of destruction across
southern Belize last October,
Belize's weather has been
remarkably benign. The recent
dry season proved mercifully
short and the seasonal onset of
rain fell gently and evenly... until
now that is. Tropical waves moving across the
country have dumped up to twenty-three inches in
some areas and the result has been severe
flooding, primarily in the southern half of the
country. Several older bridges are underwater in
the Toledo District, creeks have eroded approaches
to bridges on the Hummingbird Highway, parts of
Belmopan have experienced localised flooding,
while the Sibun and Macal rivers are rising rapidly
and may threaten farms and homes in low lying
areas. From early afternoon Belize City has been
cut off from the south and west by rising waters at
mile forty-six and thirty-nine on the Western
Highway. News 5's Ann-Marie Williams, George
Tillett and Stephen Ferguson are just off the road
with the latest update.

Ann-Marie Williams, Reporting
"Two days of heavy rain in St. Matthews Village at
mile thirty-nine on the Western Highway is to blame
for ten to fifteen feet of water. Several families had to
be evacuated, and the Beaver Dam Bridge behind me
is impassable to small vehicles and cars."

Even SUV's, which are considerably higher, couldn't
make it. The lines went on for miles and several
drivers like Maria Martinez from Cayo were hoping the
waters would recede so she could get home.

Maria Martinez
"I took my friend to the airport this morning and I
passed here like around 11 o'clock and this bridge was
almost covered. So I tried to rush it, but I couldn't
make it and that's how I got stuck here."

Ann-Marie Williams
"Did you send a message to family or friends to try to
come rescue you? What are you planning to do tonight
if the water doesn't go down?"

Maria Martinez
"Well right now I see the tractor took over a smaller
vehicle than this, so if he could go over, maybe I can
go over too, I hope."

Several of the residents who call St. Matthew's Village
home for over two decades, say never in the history of
Hurricane Keith, Iris or Mitch have they seen this type
of flooding. They also say that the flooding literally
crept up like a thief in the night.

Elvira Guzman
"I have something like twelve steps and only four mi
left up to when I left. And just now when one ah my
friend gone dah back deh (there) inna (in) the canoe,
he say no step left out, it just left fi (to) go inside
now through the door. So that dah weh (is what) I di
tell my bwai (boyfriend) I the worry bout, because I
have some glass things with my radio pan (on) it and
I fraid when the water get in, the water wah start to
move them bout and that might drop off. So that dah
(is) all my worries right now because down stairs weh
(where) we deh (are), I mi have the stove, refrige,
lockers, chest of drawers and beds and mattress. And
all a that di float right now inna the downstairs. I noh
know weh wah (what will) happen to dem deh (them)
and deh dah (those are) big pieces, because I just
buy them, just six to eight months."

Elvira Guzman, mother of six, says she's never seen
flooding in this area in her ten years of living in the

Elvira Guzman
"Due to weh my husband neva deh yah (not being
here), I couldn't get out nothing, dah (it was) just me
and the lee small kids them. Then I couldn't find
nothing fi tek (to take) off the stove fi ker (to carry)
upstairs nor nothing like that. And the water mi (was)
well strong because then from weh the hydro deh, the
water come in the shot, so I me well strong, so I
neva tek no chance and try go out deh because I no
know fi swim."

This is where Gwenneth Flowers and her two sons
reside. Today life is different, she says she's
practically homeless.

Gwenneth Flowers
"I feel bad right now because I noh have nothing,
nothing. I only have like two suit of clothes fi mi (for
my) back. everything food, refrige, stove, everything
deh inna the house, everything."

Ann-Marie Williams
"You didn't have time to take out your things?"

Gwenneth Flowers
"We could ah mi take out some, but then I neva think
the flood mi wah come like this. We put some of the
things like the refrige high and the TV high, but dah
white box dah weh the refrige mi deh pan and that di
float inna the house right now."

Ann-Marie Williams
"You've never seen flooding like this before?"

Gwenneth Flowers
"No, neva, I deh yah (I've been here) two years..."

Ann-Marie Williams
"Have you ever spent a hurricane here?"

Gwenneth Flowers
"Yes, I spend Iris in there."

Some other families, a little bit more fortunate, saved
several pieces of furnishings, including the chickens.

Karisha Sutherland is hoping the water will go down to
get her life back to normal.

Karisha Sutherland
"The water is inside my house, my things get wet and
I can't get anything out of it."

Ann-Marie Williams
"You have a warm bed to sleep in tonight?"

Karisha Sutherland
"Yes, my mother's bed."

Which is four miles down the road. Although several
residents have to secure warms beds with families,
they're hopeful the various rivers will soon crest and
all will be well. Ann-Marie Williams for News 5.

According to Chief Meteorologist Carlos Fuller, rain
cells continue to develop in the west and along the
coast. While most of the flooding remains localised,
it is expected that major rivers like the Macal and
Sibun could begin overflowing their banks by Friday
if rains don't let up. Late word from the
Hummingbird Highway indicates that the western
approach to the Sibun Bridge has washed away,
and although the bridge is intact, there is a growing
number of people stranded on both sides. Crews
are currently attempting to erect walkways for
pedestrians to cross and buses are being called
from Belmopan and Dangriga to enable those
people to reach home. In Belmopan, the City
Council reports that one hundred and fifty-two
people are being put up in a public shelter, including
thirteen tourists.

Re: Weather 6/20 #15032
06/21/02 11:14 AM
06/21/02 11:14 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
Torrential rains in the western and southern parts of the country this week have flooded homes and streets and disrupted travel. Many rural villages in the south have been cut off, and as of Thursday night the Western Highway and Coastal Road were closed to vehicular traffic. The problem on the Western Highway is the Beaver Dam Creek bridge at Saint Matthews Village. According to Ministry of Works Chief Engineer Cadet Henderson, the centre support has shifted and made the bridge unsafe for vehicular traffic. Pedestrians are allowed to cross, and Novelo’s Bus Company is running busss to the bridge from Belmopan and Belize City. Henderson and City of Belmopan Mayor Anthony Chanona made an aerial survey of the Belmopan area Thursday afternoon, and Mayor Chanona says the rains have highlighted those areas of the city where improvements need to be made in drainage. Some rains continued Friday, but the National Meterorolgical Service says the rains should end over the weeken!

Re: Weather 6/20 #15033
06/21/02 11:47 AM
06/21/02 11:47 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
NEMO Report No. 2

**** snip *****

Yesterday's rainfall total of 13.15 inches at Belmopan broke the one-day
rainfall record of 8.42 inches set on 23 June 1990 for that station. It
is also greater than the average rainfall for the entire month of June,
which is 12.04 inches. Since 9 o'clock this morning, an additional 3.37
inches of rain has fallen on Belmopan.

**** snip no. 2 *****

The 22.83 inches recorded at Hummingbird Hershey shattered the one-day
rainfall record of 10.20 inches set on 26 June 1997. It is also more
than twice the normal monthly rainfall total of 11.16 inches, and in one
day it exceeded the wettest June total of 18.74 inches recorded in

My comment:

The rainfall records were broken the last two days by almost 100%. I hardly
call that NORMAL rainy season flooding rain, Ray. Its more like a freak of
nature to me.

The clippings on the news showed people up on the roofs of their homes
waiting to be rescued. Kind of like something along the lines of North
Carolina after the hurricane a few years ago. Houses in St. Matthews
Village are almost completely submerged under water and the entire village
has been evacuated. This is the first time in my lifetime that I can recall
seeing something like this. We have had floods before, but not floods that
rise so high as to cover an entire village up to the roof area.

Re: Weather 6/20 #15034
06/21/02 01:28 PM
06/21/02 01:28 PM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP
Office of the Prime Minister

NEMO Localized Flooding Report No. 3 of 21st June 2002

21 June, 2002 - Belmopan
Heavy rain fell over the Maya Mountains last night. This will exacerbate
floods in the Toledo, Stann Creek and Cayo Districts. Showers will
continue today producing another inch of rain. Significant improvement
will occur tomorrow.

In the Cayo District, the Macal River at Guacamallo is rising at the
rate of one foot per hour and the Mollejon, seven feet per hour. This
could produce a major flood in San Ignacio in a matter of hours.
Residents there should be at a high level alert. Floodwaters are also
on their way down the Belize River to Roaring Creek. At Mile 62 the
river has risen nine inches overnight and is only five feet below its
all time high. At Banana Bank the river is rising. The bridge at
Roaring Creek is being monitored as it can become submerged. Residents
along the Sibun River are also warned about the likelihood of flooding.

Rivers, which are fed from the eastern and northern slopes of the Maya
mountains, are also subject to further flooding. In Toledo District,
these include Deep River and Golden Stream, while in Stann Creek
District; they include the Sittee and North Stann Creek Rivers.

Yesterday's report issued at 6:00 p.m. stated:

Unstable weather conditions will continue through tonight and into
tomorrow producing localized flooding along the Western Hummingbird
highways. The Weather Bureau reports that another rain cell developed
over the Maya Mountain early this afternoon, which will cause short
periods of flooding along Deep River and Golden Stream in Toledo

The floodwaters are gradually receding at the portion of the Western
Highway between miles 46 and 47. This will allow limited access to
large vehicles after 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. Motorists are advised to
follow the directions of Transport Department and Ministry of Works
personnel on the scene that will determine whether it is safe for their
vehicles to cross.

Yesterday's rainfall, totalled 13.15 inches at Belmopan, broke the
one-day rainfall record of 8.42 inches set on 23rd June 1990 for that
station. It is also greater than average rainfall for the entire month
of June, which is 12.04 inches. Since 9 o'clock this morning, an
additional 3.37 inches of rain has fallen on Belmopan.

The 22.83 inches recorded at the Hummingbird Hershey shattered the
one-day rainfall record of 10.20 inches set on 26 June 1997. It is also
more than twice the normal monthly total of 11.16 inches, and in one day
exceeded the wettest June total of 18.74 inches recorded in 1997.

The Macal River at Mollejon has risen 18 feet since yesterday and
continues to rise. Reports from Cristo Rey indicate that the river is
now rising rapidly. The Mopan River at Benque Viejo Del Carmen was
rising slowly, but it has stabilized. The River at Jaguar Paw continues
to rise rapidly. The level of water is one foot below the top of the
cave and only one and a half feet from the top of the Bank.

The North Stann Creek River at Melinda has risen an additional two feet
since morning and at the Belize Water Service facility, it has risen by
an additional one and half feet. Mullins River has risen by about four

The National Emergency Management Organization advises motorists that
conditions on the nation's highways are extremely dangerous and
people should not use the Highways unless it is absolutely necessary.

NEMO will continue to monitor the situation and advises those people
living in areas prone to flooding, particularly near rivers, to be alert
and keep listening to the radio for the latest advisories on flood
warnings, and be prepared to move to higher grounds if necessary.


Re: Weather 6/20 #15035
06/21/02 02:51 PM
06/21/02 02:51 PM
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sweetjane Offline
sweetjane  Offline
OMG. i left there on the 11th.

my thoughts are with everyone.

Re: Weather 6/20 #15036
06/22/02 06:43 PM
06/22/02 06:43 PM
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trina Offline
trina  Offline
We just got back from Ambergris. Weather there last few days was weird...(6/17 onward). VEry windy, unstable seas, overcast with occasional sprinkles. Lots of threatening looking clouds around.

Re: Weather 6/20 #15037
06/24/02 09:56 PM
06/24/02 09:56 PM
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sarahsmile Offline
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Do we know if anyone is going to be needing donation relief stuff again? It sounds terrible!

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