One of the things the CIA has been telling the governments of Central
America is to look out for indigenous movements. Unless you can understand
the world of difference an idea can make you may find it difficult to
understand why.

The West, embodied by the United States of America, feeds on the idea of
capitalism and the free market. It has successfully stifled the other
competing ideology of Communism, which goes contrary to the interests and
blocks the path of capitalism. The Communist ideology mind you is a western
thought as well. So one should not deceive oneself into thinking that it
might be from a different origin. It was just another Western thought.

Today the so-called developed countries of the world preach nothing but free
trade and the invisible hand of the market. They even use coercive means for
economically-poor and resource-rich "developing countries" to open
themselves up for further exploitation. Sometimes overt methods are used but
they often are sugar coated with aid money for easier swallowing. Sometimes
covert methods are used and that is why we had the United States recognizing
the illegitimate government of the coup in Venezuela.

There is no need to pretend that the free-market capitalism hasn't embedded
itself into countries like ours. It is there and we experience it everyday.
It is, we are told, what will bring to us the economic development that we
are looking for. It is in our schools and all our institutions including
supposedly independent Civil Society because we too believe in "democracy"

Well what is wrong with the obvious development that capitalism brings you
ask? Nothing. Except we all now drink Coca-Cola, eat hamburgers and listen
to Celine Dion and we are very much starting to look like clones. The
argument is that we need to transform the resources of the world into goods
and have consumers buy them so that we can generate wealth. It is also the
best system that generates and distributes wealth we are told. That can be
true if we close our eyes to the increasing human poverty and suffering

Back to the ideology part now. Free market capitalism is promoted tied to
democracy. We really have to start questioning whether those two things go
together because democracy today is practiced by governments of the people
paid for by big businesses. We are told that we need democracy nonetheless
because it empowers people to have a say in affairs of the nation. There is
freedom of speech, freedom of expression, etc. People are free to assemble
and to form whatever groups or parties they wish. This is what Communism
doesn't give you because it is the state that runs the lives of the people
and there is only one party. Dissent is not allowed. You are therefore not

Communism is dead so we don't need to worry about ever being deprived of our
freedom. There is only one country in this hemisphere that is Communist and
that is Cuba. Every single other country has gone the way of democracy and
free trade. So now all we have to do is enjoy our western capitalist freedom
where you are a consumer while you are still in the womb all the way to your
funeral. Now we are talking business right?

Our lives, our experiences and every single activity we engage in is
prescribed by our belief in this ideology. No dissent is allowed. There is
pressure on you to avoid the slightest deviation. There are lifelong
consequences if you dare to go any other way. You don't want to go to the
"educational institution" then no job and no future for you. You don't want
to "modernize" then no "development" for you. The rate at which this
ideology is permeating every crevice of our society pretty soon we will end
up with a one party system because we are not allowed any other option to
choose from. We already are not free to look any other direction. We were
told that this is what communism brings but it seems like capitalism brings
the same thing too. Why have we been thinking that they were different when
they come from the same source?

There are recent civilizations that were built not necessarily using these
ideologies and there are those from that immediate past who are still with
us. You find them in every part of the world. They are the indigenous
people. They have an ideology but what they have cannot be considered an
option by the west because it will ruin or interrupt the status quo. People
today it seems exercise their minds within given parameters and live their
lives imprisoned by the west. No wonder the indigenous peoples movement are
being monitored. We don't want to take over the world however, we just want
to live free. Think about it.

by Valentino Shal from this week's Belize Times