It seems alot of these loud, obnoxious protesters have forgotten
How sad.
Charles Stanley is indeed one of the most special people.

I thought you might be interested in a "Letter to the Editor" that The
Reverend Charles Stanley of North Carolina sent to every major
in the world, including Pakistan and Iran, (Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria
do not
have newspapers on the Internet).

An open letter to terrorists and to those who harbor and support you.
From an American Grandfather.

I am told by the leaders of my government that you are intelligent
In light of your actions, I am having growing difficulty believing
that. At
the very least, it has become increasingly obvious that you lack a
fundamental comprehension of my psychology as an American.

I hear on our news broadcasts that your rage is fueled by my support of
Israel. It has never been about nationality or religious faith -- never
about Jew vs. Arab. I thought you would finally have understood that
when I
sent my children into harm's way in order to protect the innocent
of Arab Kuwait from the savage wolf who would devour them for his own
It has everything to do with the lessons taught to me by my father --
his before him for many generations before the white man came to this
we call America.

I have a vivid memory of coming home, as a boy of about nine years of
and telling my father of feeling helpless horror as I watched the
neighborhood bully unmercifully torment a boy even smaller than myself.

My father reflected for a long moment, then quietly inquired of me as
what I had done about it. I said that I had watched until it was over
had then come home.

The look in his eyes penetrated me to my core for he had never looked
at me
in that way before. He said that he was deeply ashamed of me and he
sent me
to my room with instructions to think about what had happened. It
hours before he came to my door. He sat beside me on my bed and, for a
painfully long while, he said nothing.

When finally he spoke, he explained, "There will always be among us
dishonorable men who are devoid of humanity and compassion. They are
but naked animals and an empty shell of what truly is a man. They
to fill their emptiness by the exercise of power over others, thinking
makes them whole men. Often they are enraged that they do not even
understand their own emptiness, what it is that they lack.

"When these men are also cowards, they disguise themselves as sheep
the flock and attack from the shadows. This is the vilest form of
behavior for even animals attack openly when they must attack.

"When humanity and integrity are present in a man, he expresses them as
compassion. When compassion and strength achieve perfect balance within
man, they manifest as wisdom. The compassionate man feels the pain of
others. The wise man protects others from pain. For, if you watch and
nothing to protect others, who will come to your aide when you alone
and the bully comes for you?

"Some things are far more important than your personal safety and
from pain. If ever again you see someone being hurt, protect him, even
you are certain to be injured in the process. Then I will know that I
truly raised a man"

Anyone who understands the impact of this lesson -- and how deeply it
in the man I have become, will understand my unflinching willingness to
sacrifice my children in defense of Arab and Jew alike when they are
threatened by the bullies and cowards of the world. And please do not
my intelligence with claims of Jewish treatment of Palestinians. I am
enough to retain vivid memories of 1948. I remember the excitement of
Jews over the prospect of governing "with" them. Their reaction, and
that of
their neighbors, was to attempt to finish what the Nazis could not.

Intelligent men? I, for one, am stunned by the monumental stupidity of
arrogance. Did you actually think that only Americans would occupy the
Trade Center? You have but fired the first pitiful salvo of World War
for the entire world is now preparing to come after you, your host,
financiers and your supporters. And please, do not listen to what I
say. You
would do far better to watch the sky.

I must say that I owe you a profound debt of gratitude. Not for what
have done or what you have unleashed upon the world, but for what you
accomplished. For not one among us could have accomplished it. On
September 10, 2001, we were a divisive, apathetic nation. Our young
had nothing by which to identify with our history or heritage; our
were divided by factions of religion and skin color; our government was
polarized and paralyzed by political party affiliation, able to agree
nothing; the military had difficulty obtaining volunteers and most of
simply changed TV channels in response to Red Cross pleas for blood
donations. Your actions have changed all of that in a way that has
only twice before in the history of this nation -- once in 1776 and
again on
December 7, 1941. The worst in the worst of Allah's children has
the best in the best of Allah's children and, for this, I thank you.

Since your cowardly act, Muslim, Jew, Christian, black, white, yellow
brown have stood shoulder to shoulder for hours in the hot sun to
blood for the injured. Our government has suddenly become totally
united in
its purpose. Our military is having difficulty handling the flood of
volunteers from among our young people. Our flag makers report that
there is
no way humanly possible that they can keep up with the demand --
are sold out within minutes. You have accomplished a miracle that only
could have anticipated.

And, it would seem, the hand of God was present even in the date that
selected for your attack, for you could not have chosen a date more in
keeping with a reawakening of American pride and purpose. There is in
America a nationwide system for seeking help in times of emergency.
American knows that, when threatened, he can pick up any telephone and
911 and help is immediately on the way to assist and protect him. By
selecting September, (our 9th month), 11, 2001 to exhibit your
you unwittingly placed a 911 call that has brought all of America
in a way that brings tears of joy and pride to my eyes. No longer is
battle cry, "Remember Pearl Harbor!" Thanks to you and your kind it
will now
and forevermore be, "Remember 911!" whenever the innocents of any
find themselves threatened by cowards with guns.

I do not, for a moment, deny that you hurt me. Far too many parents and
children now go to bed wondering where their loved ones are. And, yes,
I am
momentarily reeling. But it is from the sudden realization that I share
planet with anyone capable of such an atrocity against the humanity of
many nations. In his Inaugural Address in Washington, DC on January 20,
1961, President John F. Kennedy said, "Let every nation know, whether
wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden,
any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival
the success of liberty." He was talking about the liberty of all men,
all faiths, of all nations.

You need to understand that the truth of that statement is the very
of who and what I am. I wish neither to rule nor to inflict injury upon
innocents of any nation. I am the lion who sleeps with God's lambs to
protect them from ravenous wolves that would devour them. Your 911 call
has awakened the lion and now I hunger for the flesh of wolves.

In closing let me state, Muhammad taught that Allah is a God of love --
you have the unmitigated gall to bastardize Islam to suit your own
unholy agenda.

Who now is the infidel?