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Trip Report (Very, Very long!) #1567
04/22/06 02:44 PM
04/22/06 02:44 PM
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Kia Offline OP
Kia  Offline OP
Thanks to everyone who posted trip reports as well as everyone who answered board inquiries. I finally finished my trip report from 2/5-2/14. This message board was an invaluable source of information for everything! Warning – this is a copy of the trip report I’m using for my scrapbook, so it’s very detailed, very opinionated and very long. Hope it doesn’t offend or annoy anyone!

I can’t believe we finally made it to Belize! We trekked down to AC to see the Jerry Jeff Walker concerts and enjoy a serious change of latitude. This was a 5-year anniversary trip (2 years late) for my husband Ned and me and a 10-year anniversary trip for the good friends we were traveling with.

Day 1:
We had an early flight out, which put us into Belize City by 11:30 am. I was surprised at how short the flight was. Other trips I’ve taken to different Caribbean islands have seemed much longer. We flew US Air and everything was as smooth as could be. I love the feeling of getting on a plane when it’s cold and dark and disembarking in the sunny, warm tropics! What a rush! We took Tropic Air from San Pedro and I loved following the minute-by-minute flying guide in Richie Woods’ field guide! The whole field guide was wonderful and a great way to prepare for the trip. We landed in beautiful San Pedro and only had to walk one block to the hotel. We stayed at the Palms and loved it! The staff was very accommodating and friendly. (I recommend unit #31. It was on the third floor and had an expanded kitchen with beautiful furnishings and vaulted ceiling. The view was great too!) We arrived at The Palms at around 1:00. Our room wasn’t ready, so the staff whisked away our luggage and suggested that we come back in an hour. We walked next door to Ramon’s for a quick bite to eat and the first of our many vacation rum drinks. I had a shrimp burger at The Blue Parrot and Ned had a fish sandwich. Both were very good, as was the Rum Runner. After we checked into our room, we walked around San Pedro a bit while we waited for our friends to arrive. (Got offered drugs, which was flattering in a way. I guess we still looked young enough to indulge!) We headed up to Wet Willy’s that night to get the Jerry Jeff concert agenda. We had some fish fingers and good chips with salsa. Then we headed back to the condo and stopped at Fido’s for a beer. Everyone was exhausted from a long travel day, so we went to bed fairly early.

Day 2:
What a rush it was to wake up to that view!! We all enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee on the veranda and watched San Pedro wake up. We took a daytime walk through town and then up the beach. I just loved the hustle and bustle of San Pedro (such as it was). There were so many interesting little shops and food stands throughout the streets. We then stopped at Cannibal’s for an early lunch. There’s something so decadent about ordering a beer before noon! The food was great at Cannibal’s. None of us tried the potato boats, but their wrap sandwiches were very good. They call them something specific, but I can’t remember what it was. It was one of our best casual-type meals. The two guys continued drinking Belikins there while the girls set off on a bike ride to the north end of the island. The hand ferry was great. Glad I got to see it before the bridge was completed. It felt good to work off the garlic shrimp wrap along with all those fries. The north end of the island was beautiful with a couple of exceptions. Just after crossing the channel we noticed a beautiful mangrove lagoon that looked like it was being filled. I couldn’t see where the dredging had come from, but it certainly didn’t look good for the mangrove ecosystem. We also saw a lot of trash and debris washed up on the undeveloped beaches up north. It was a shame because all the land was so unspoiled and natural, but the beauty was really diminished by the excessive beach trash. Another thing that I noticed on several occasions during the trip that bothered me was seeing different locals just chuck a piece of litter into the water. Maybe once the bridge is built, there will be more attention paid to clean-up efforts. Anyway, for the most part, the north end was just gorgeous. We found the famous Palapa bar and made plans to bring our husbands back there. We rode up to Captain Morgan’s before turning around. There are some fabulous resorts up north where I would definitely think about staying if we returned.
After we got back the four of us went down to hang out by the beach for a little while. As we were sitting on the beach, we smelled a very familiar smell. We popped up our heads like prairie dogs and there was a rasta man with dreads down to his waist just strolling down the beach with a huge “special cigarette” in his hand. One thing I noticed during my trip down there was how casual the attitude was toward marijuana. We saw people light up on the beach, in bars and pretty much every other public setting. Kind of makes a statement on how laid back the island is.
That night we saw the first of the three Jerry Jeff Walker concerts. There were only about two hundred people there sitting outside, under the stars and over the water (with bar service!). What a way to see a concert. We were looking forward to the rest.
That night we all stopped at Blue Water Grill after the concert and had a great dinner. I had the banana curried snook and the rest had grouper or pasta. Everyone really loved their meals.
We all walked back after dinner. As we were walking a young man got up from his barstool as we passed BC’s and then followed us home. He was really nice and introduced himself as Martin. He said he had worked with Jerry Jeff Walker in the past and told us a little bit about himself, all of which seemed dubious. Then, as we were turning to go into The Palms, he told Rick that he hadn’t eaten since yesterday and asked for money. He must have spotted us as easy marks, being drunk tourists. Fortunately this was the only time during our visit that anything like that had happened.

Day 3
We got up early and were down at the dock by 9:00 am. We had arranged a “Beach BBQ” trip with Ocean Adventures (located right at Crazy Canucks). This was a trip that was supposed to involve a couple of fishing stops, a couple of snorkeling stops and a BBQ on the beach. Unfortunately the weather was cold and rainy and the water was quite rough. We didn’t let that spoil a wonderful day though. We rode up to the north end of the island and fished for reef fish. We caught grunts and several types of grouper. We had two guides, Alex and Ephraim, who kept the hooks baited and cast for all of us. It was quite fun because the fish really seemed to be biting.
After fishing for a couple of hours we pulled up to Kitty’s for a beach picnic. We all piled up to the bar and were soon joined by another fishing boat from Ocean Adventures. There were two guys from Ohio and one from Canada that looked like they had been enjoying a good amount of Belikins all morning. The beers were cold and the view was great, even though it looked like it was getting ready to rain. The guides all stayed by the boats to clean and fillet the fish. They carried palm husks up the beach, lit them on fire and placed the fish packets on top. Soon we began to smell the most wonderful smells! When the BBQ was ready, the guides pulled the packets off the fire and opened them. They had barbequed the fish in garlic, seasoning, onions and sauce. They served it with homemade tortillas and roasted potato slices. I can’t even describe how good everything tasted. For me, this was the best meal I had on the trip! The fish was incredibly fresh (it had just been swimming 30 minutes before), and the palm husks gave everything a wonderful smoky flavor. Everyone had two or three helpings.
Then we sat back, had another cold beer, surveyed the weather and tried to figure out what to do. The weather had gotten worse, unfortunately, and nobody felt much like snorkeling because the water was so rough and cold. Alex, our guide was flexible and didn’t seem to mind what we did so we decided to go bar hopping and introduce the husbands to the Palapa Bar. We were soon joined by the other boat and we all sucked down more beers and rum as we watched the rain. If you have to be stranded because of rain, there’s no better place to be stranded than Palapa. After the rain stopped, we decided that we’d call it a day and went back to the dock.
Our blood alcohol levels had become dangerously low, so we bellied up to the Crazy Canucks bar before walking back up to the Palms. One rum drink turned into two and then three. Funny how that happens on vacation! We met some nice people and had a great time. Later on, there was a little boy that showed up with a cooler. All the regulars in the bar called him “Patty Boy” because his mother made these homemade beef patties that he would sell up and down the beach for $1 BZ. We bought a couple and they were fantastic! They were so good that we searched for the “Patty Boy” every day after that to try and get more. Unfortunately we didn’t see him again during our trip.
We staggered back up the beach that evening and nobody felt motivated to do anything else that involved going out, so we all decided to stay in and cook spaghetti. That was the night we discovered that BZ ground beef is very different from U.S. ground beef – and not in a good way!. I guess there is not as much regulation or rules about the quality of meat that gets ground up. From the consistency, I would guess that anything goes, including toenails, knuckles, and ears. None of us had any more ground beef in San Pedro after that.

Day 4
The next day the girls got up bright and early for our cave tubing/Belize Zoo trip. The guys were going to stay behind and go bone fishing. The Palms booked the tour through Sea-rious Tours and they were a first-class outfit! They were professional, knowledgeable and well-dressed. I can’t say enough good things. Our guide, Willie, was easy on the eyes too! (Just a few words/opinions about the two companies we used. Ocean Adventures, the other outfit we used was fine too. That one was nice because it was laid back and we could do trips with just the four of us. But there were things about that company that made it less professional. The guides were all independent contractors who were called on by the manager whenever he had a group. On the beach BBQ trip, they forgot some lobster that they were supposed to bring for our lunch. The guides did catch a couple of conchs that were supposed to be for our lunch, but they kept them instead. We also had to switch boats unexpectedly – never could figure out why. Sea-rious was on a whole different level. They served us homemade johnnie cakes for breakfast along with fresh tropical fruit. They gave us homemade coconut tarts for snacks along with candy that afternoon and of course, Belikin and rum punch. They were very knowledgeable about the island history, wildlife and ecology. They really looked out after people on the tour, especially the older ones. The disadvantage with Sea-rious was that there were a lot of people on the tour and it seemed like it was more expensive than some other groups. Also, they were a bit rigid. We had a misunderstanding in the booking. The Palms had booked the trip for four instead of two. The guys were never interested in the cave tubing trip, so I think it was a miscommunication between myself and The Palms at some point. The woman at Sea-rious told me that I would have to pay for all four of us since that was the reservation which was called in. She was polite but very insistent on their policy. It wasn’t a good way to start the morning. Everything ended up being worked out fine by the staff at The Palms, but I worried about it all day)
We started out the morning by getting picked up at our dock and took a boat all the way to the mainland and up the Belize river. The water was really rough, but it was a nice chance to see a close up of Caye Calker and some of the private islands. We rode up the river for a bit, which was also beautiful. It was very undeveloped and it seemed like we were right smack in the jungle. Willie pointed out various flora and fauna along the way, which I would have missed if he hadn’t drawn our attention to them. We pulled up to a dock/restaurant/resort in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. We all stopped for bathroom breaks before splitting up into two groups. One group was doing the zipline tour and one was going to the zoo. Then we were all going to meet up again for lunch and go cave tubing. Speaking of bathrooms, another observation that I wanted to share about Belize was how spotless the bathrooms were. We saw numerous bathrooms in the middle of nowhere as well as in crowded bars and they were all incredibly clean, much more so than US bathrooms.
Anyway, we loved the zoo and I’d recommend it to anyone. It was one of the highlights of my trip. The animals all seemed to be very well cared for and much loved by the people of Belize and staff of the zoo. I have never been so close to a jaguar before, and I could have reached out and touched it. All of the animal exhibits were that way, while still providing a natural habitat. Willie guided us around and knew something unique about every animal we saw. The grounds of the zoo were also beautiful. It was almost like we were walking on a trail in the woods. I noticed that Willie took a lot of care to steer us away from the other groups and cruise ship crowds, which made the tour much nicer.
After the zoo, we got back on the bus and rode up the road to the Jaguar Paw resort. Along the way, Willie pointed out places of interest like cashew trees, the prison and other farms and landmarks. The resort was located down a long bumpy dirt road and it felt like we were going to end up in the middle of an orange grove, until all of a sudden we arrived at a beautiful building in the middle of the jungle. We got out and headed into the restaurant for a Belizean meal of chicken, beans and rice. Outside the restaurant, there was a monkey and a quash that were playing with each other. That really added to the atmosphere!
Cave tubing was great. I was afraid that it would be a totally cheesy tourist trap (and maybe it is by Belizean standards), but it was very rustic and beautiful by my standards. We all changed into suits, got our inner tubes and hiked up the trail to put in. It was a lovely hike and the water was clean and cool. There weren’t any rapids to speak of; it was just a leisurely float through the cave structures. We had a guide from the resort as well as Willie, so that was nice. We also had cave lights so that we weren’t in pitch blackness. Some of the caves were really spectacular and were several stories high. We even saw bats in some of the holes up high. It was truly a unique experience and I’m very glad I had the chance to do it.
On the way back, beer and snacks were passed around in the van. And during the boat trip back, the guides made rum punch for everyone on the boat. The trip seemed to go a lot quicker on the way back!
Just as we pulled up to the dock, we saw the guys getting out of the bone fishing boat. They’d had a little bit of luck, but they wanted one more try at getting a big one so they had booked another trip for all four of us the next morning.
That night we headed up to Fido’s for dinner and drinks. We all agreed that we were not impressed with either the food or drinks at Fido’s, but they had a really good cover band playing that night which we enjoyed. It was fun to sit back and people watch and we were joined by three guys that we had met on the trip that day. Soon the day caught up with us and we headed back to the condo for some z’s.

Day 5
We woke up and were excited because it looked like we were finally in for a sunny, calm day. We met the bone fishing guides down at the dock and set off to try our hand at the bone fishing Ambergris Caye is so famous for. We had guides from Ocean Adventures again. Rick and Kerry took off for the north side and we were taken down south. Pretty soon I got bored of casting and reeling, so I kicked back to enjoy my book and the view. We ended up in the mangrove islands off the south side and it was so beautiful and quiet. We saw a roseate spoonbill flying over us, which was a thrill for a bird geek like me. We were probably out there about four hours total without much luck. Ned did catch one big bone fish though, which was a thrill for him. We got our photo-op and tossed him back. It was a perfect way to spend a morning!
We got back to the dock and found out that Rick and Kerry had caught bone fish too. I should have been more patient! Hopefully there will be a next time and I can try it again.
We were all starving at about 11:30 so we headed up to BCs for lunch because that’s where Clem, Rick and Kerry’s guide, recommended. We were expecting menus, but the bartender just rattled off a couple of specials. The items must get prepared somewhere each morning and delivered to BCs because the only thing they have in the way of cooking equipment is a microwave. In any case, the burritos were excellent and so was the beer!
When we got back, we all took a wonderful nap. One of the great things in life is a nap on vacation, especially if it’s in the middle of the week and you can think about all the schmucks back at work!
After we woke up, we all got ready for the second JJW concert. We were trying to figure out which songs he would sing tonight and trying to remember which ones he didn’t play during the previous concert. Rick and Kerry had to leave early so this was going to be their last show. We were all still pretty full from lunch so we just headed up to Wet Willie’s and figured we’d grab something after the show.
Now, I don’t know if every Camp Belize concert series is like this or whether this was a result of Jerry Jeff being on pain medicine for his back, but he played virtually the same songs during the second concert as he did during the first. What a disappointment! Some of the stories were different, but it was basically the same show. Kind of a let down.
After the concert, Kerry went back to the room and Ned, Rick and I hung out at the tackle box for a while listening to a steel band and eating nachos. We headed back pretty early because Rick and Kerry had to leave the next day.

Day 6
We all woke up kind of bummed because Rick and Kerry were flying out, but they weren’t leaving until the afternoon so we decided to make the best of the morning. We enjoyed a walk up the beach and then had a late breakfast at Lillie’s (I think that was the name of it – I didn’t write it down and now that I’m back, I’m not so sure). We ended up having kind of a breakfast/lunch combo of fish, calamari, and eggs. The fish and chips were really good and didn’t seem as heavy and greasy as some of those things are. The view from the outdoor table was just great too. We all tried to take as much of it in as we could. Then we headed back to The Palms again and said goodbye to our buddies.
Ned and I spent the rest of the day just reading and lounging on the veranda, which was just fine with both of us. We had reservations at Mata Chica that night so we weren’t interested in doing anything too strenuous that day because we wanted to be alert enough to enjoy a nice meal. I was a little worried about taking the water taxi way up north since the water had been so rough and choppy all week, but the ride was just perfect. The moon was almost full and there were stars everywhere. It’s interesting that the water taxi is truly the public transportation system down there. I had this idea that it was mainly set up for tourists who want to get from place to place, but we saw more locals than tourists on both trips.
All I can say about Mambo’s at Mata Chica is Wow! What a spot! It was all decked out like a Moroccan villa. There were cushions on the floor, open air dining and exquisite tile work in the bathrooms. We had our best wine that night, but I can’t remember what we had. I had a Chardonnay and Ned had some type of red. We started out with the beef carpaccio. We liked it so much that we ordered the yellowtail carpaccio right after. Both were wonderful! We spilt the “Deep Blue for Two” and got a taste of our first Belizean lobster. It was much sweeter than I had expected. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs because we were not able to come anywhere close to finishing our dinner. Unfortunately because we were leaving the next morning, we couldn’t take it home with us. I hope someone got to finish it off – I hated to waste it.
Our waiter was nice enough to remind us of the water taxi’s upcoming arrival so that we could settle up and catch it rather than having to wait an additional hour. We settled in for a wonderful ride back under the stars. There was a much different crowd riding it at that time of night. A lot of people were riding back home after getting off work from the resorts and hotels. Ned and I enjoyed talking with some of the local people and getting to know them a little bit.

Day 7
Since we’d had a fairly tame night the night before, we woke up bright and early. We decided to finally do a snorkeling trip, which we scheduled for the afternoon. Ned hadn’t seen the north end of the island by land, so we thought we’d venture up there for the morning. I suggested bikes, but men like motors, so we ended up renting a scooter. Having done both, I can definitely say that bikes are the way to go! The scooter was way too loud for my taste.
Of course we couldn’t pass Palapa without stopping in, so we made that our first stop and enjoyed an early lunch along with a couple of beers. There was a fun group from New England in there that was already wasted at 10:30 in the morning. Too funny!
We headed back and got ready for our snorkeling trip to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. Hol Chan was pretty. I was a little disappointed that the coral and plant life weren’t more colorful, but that was offset by the number and size of the fish. There were huge schools of all types of reef fish. Shark Ray Alley was a real kick! We saw some big sharks and lots of rays. I’ve never swum with such large sharks before and it was a little unnerving, but very cool. We also saw two big sea turtles, which was exciting.
We got back, had a couple of cocktails and Crazy Canucks and walked back to The Palms to shower and get ready for the final Jerry Jeff concert. He was supposed to be taking requests for this concert, so we were hoping that we’d hear some of the less commercial stuff.
We had mediocre appetizers at Wet Willies (can’t even remember what they were), but we had a great waiter each time we were there. His name was Brian or HBO (for Help a Brother Out). He was really on the ball, friendly and kept the drinks coming. I had accidentally left my jacket there that night, and in all the commotion he rescued it and put it aside for me.
Anyway, back to the “All Requests” concert – another disappointment. I think Jerry Jeff did all of one request and then proceeded to play exactly the same songs that he played the preceding two concerts. I’m not quite sure what the value is of securing a 3-concert gig when you’re going to hear the same set of songs each time. Maybe I’m alone in my thinking on this. I’d be curious to know if all the “Camp Belize” concerts were this way or if we caught him at a bad time. He was having back problems and may have been fuzzy on pain killers.
After the concert, we walked back to Cannibal’s, had a quick beer, and then sat on the pier in front of The Palms to enjoy our last evening in San Pedro and people watch. We got a kick out of watching one couple, who had apparently just arrived that afternoon, stagger down the beach. The woman would walk a few steps and then fall face first in the sand. The man with her kept trying to pull her up and drag her along but she’d only go a few steps before she’d fall again. I wonder how long it took them to make it back to their hotel and what they felt like the next day!

Day 8
We sadly packed up our stuff the next day and said goodbye to San Pedro. The staff at The Palms was so nice and helpful during our stay. It was hard to say goodbye. Fortunately we didn’t have to say goodbye to our vacation just yet because we were spending the next two days at Chaa Creek lodge.
We flew into the Belize City airport to meet our driver who would be taking us to Chaa Creek. It was really a big price difference between San Pedro and Belize City vs. San Pedro and International. If we ever did this trip again, I would definitely take a taxi to the Belize City airport and then catch the flight to San Pedro from there.
Our driver’s name was Buckley and he was a wealth of information! He knew something interesting about every town we drove through. He had a really interesting past. He’d been to the states, he was a former politician and his father was on the police force. He even taught us a little Creole!
The drive through the interior of Belize was very pretty – it was a completely different landscape than the Cayes. We drove through arid flat landscapes, hilly lush scenes and big rock outcroppings. We could feel the gradual change in altitude and within about two hours we had reached Chaa Creek.
It’s difficult to describe the first impression of Chaa Creek after the hustle and bustle of San Pedro. The grounds are just breathtaking with thatched cottages scattered throughout sloping green hills and tropical plants and trees. The air smelled like a mix of citrus and flowers and the quiet was just stunning – all that could be heard were the multitude of birds chirping and singing.
At first I questioned the logic of scheduling the time at Chaa Creek after such a fun-filled week in San Pedro. I was afraid that we’d be bored and would miss all the action of the beach and bars. It turned out to be perfect timing and a great start to our post-vacation detoxification process!
We had rented the treetop Jacuzzi suite and it was the most incredible hotel room I’d ever stayed in. It was situated on the side of a hill so that it really was in the tree tops. It was multi-level and was filled with beautiful native woods and furniture, yet it was very cozy. Our suite overlooked the Macal river and the mountains that divide Belize and Guatamala. We could see giant iguanas in the trees and birds everywhere we looked.
There was only one restaurant on the grounds. It was a thatched roof, open air restaurant in the middle of the grounds. It had a rotating menu for breakfast and dinner and a fixed menu for lunch. We had a late lunch there the first day. I had a salad and a basket of the best French fries I’ve ever eaten. Ned had a sandwich that I remember he was less than impressed with.
After lunch we took a walk around the grounds and on the rain forest path. Then we went back to the suite to read and lounge in the hammocks. It was one of those days where it seemed we’d been traveling all day so I decided to check out the Jacuzzi out back. It was really just a big bathtub built into the porch, but it did have jets. The only problem was that the grounds were so quiet that I was self-conscious about the sound the running water made as the tub was filling up. I saw several people reading or relaxing on their verandas enjoying the quiet and I hated to disturb the peace. After I turned off the running water and it got quiet again, I didn’t have the nerve to turn on the jets. It was still great to sit in the tub and watch dusk descend.
We walked up to the restaurant for dinner just as a guided night hike was getting ready to leave. Everyone had their cave lights on and it looked like a really good trip to get in on. But we were kind of tired by that point and decided to think about it the next night.
For dinner Ned had the vegetarian eggplant entrée and I tried the Belizean steak. We loved the soup, salad and eggplant, but unfortunately the steak was tough. I found out a couple of days later it’s because of the beef cattle raised in Belize. Most are Brahman cattle, which can withstand the heat that our U.S. cattle cannot.
After dinner we pretty much fell right into bed and went to sleep listening to the jungle night sounds. There were some weird sounds out there and some were very close to our suite. We couldn’t tell if they were mammal, bird or insect, but it was such fun to listen to them!

Day 9
The next morning we decided to go for a canoe ride down the river to San Ignacio. We took a canoe from the lodge and enjoyed a two-hour paddle down the river checking out different birds, lodges, iguanas and other canoers. I had expected the area to be much more buggy than it was. Maybe it gets worse in the summer, but we were rarely bothered by any insects.
At San Ignacio, we pulled up the canoe and went walking into town. It seemed like the Cayo district attracted more of the backpacking set and it was really interesting to see the types of travelers that were walking around San Ignacio vs. San Pedro.
We had a good lunch at a small local place. They called Chaa Creek to come pick us up and we had a leisurely walk through town while we waited for Chaa Creek to come and get us. The people were all very friendly and we noticed the trips into Tikal were a quarter of the price from San Ignacio as they were from San Pedro.
When we arrived back at Chaa Creek, we barely had time to change out of our canoe wear before it was time for our spa appointment. As an anniversary present to each other, we both set-up appointments for a 2-hour massage treatment called “The Coma.” I also scheduled a pedicure, so I walked up to the spa about an hour earlier. On my way, I ducked into the little museum on the property and checked out the butterfly farm. Both were interesting, quaint and quiet. The butterfly farm was a netted structure where blue morpho butterflies were raised. It was quite an experience to enter the enclosure and be surrounded by butterflies.
The spa at Chaa Creek was incredible. I don’t have a great deal of experience with spas, but this one was by far the nicest one I’ve seen. It was owned by the lodge owners’ daughter. There were fresh flowers strewn everywhere in beautiful patterns. There were several decorative containers set around and filled with water. They all had floating patterns of fresh flowers arranged in them. The spa sits on one of the highest points of the lodge so the view was very dramatic and the sounds of the birds and trees made the whole experience even more relaxing and special. Both of us loved our massages. It was a great way to end a wonderful vacation!
After we got back, we took advantage of the tree top Jacuzzi once more and got ready for dinner. I can’t even remember what we had now. We were both so tuckered out from the day that I think we hardly spoke at dinner. We just crawled into bed right afterward and listened to the nighttime jungle sounds.

Day 10
Ugh! The day we leave. The only good thing about today is that we’ll get to see our 4-year old daughter again after 10 days away. We grabbed a Belizean breakfast at the restaurant, packed our things and waited for our transport to the airport. After an uneventful ride, a quick wait in the airport, and a smooth flight, we were home. We had been lucky enough to get a really good rate on First Class tickets, so the extra room was nice. I think the flight attendant thought we were crazy though because she kept offering us drinks and food, all we wanted was water. We had some serious dieting and drying out to do!

Well, we fell in love with Belize! I’d really like to come back and explore all the districts next time. I hope we can return some day to do all the things that we didn’t have time to do on the first visit.

Things I wish we had gotten a chance to do in Belize.
 Tikal
 Rip line
 Caye Calker
 Trip to an atoll
 Scuba diving
 The nighttime jungle hike at Chaa Creek
 Horseback riding at Chaa Creek
 Lamanai

We saw so many birds in Belize that I had never seen before, which is always a thrill. Here are my top picks of birds I saw in the wild.

 Collared aracari
 Lineated woodpecker
 Pale-billed woodpecker
 Roseate spoonbill
 Pygmy owl
 Chachalaca
 Black-headed trogon
 Blue crowned motmot
 Long-tailed hermit
 Great kiskadee
 Summer tananger
 Cinnamon hummingbird
 Red-lored parrot
 Olive throated parakeet
 Frigatebird
 bananaquit

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Kia - thanks so much for sharing. I love seeing how different people experience Belize in different ways - your trip sounds wonderful!

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Great trip report. So many people stay on AC exclusively.
It's nice to see those that visit.. and enjoy... the mainland as well.

Two different forms of Belize with so many other's to try. Keep comming back smile
Thanks for sharing.

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Me thinks they slept too much(HIC)

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Nice report, something Prez Bill should mimic!

(I plan on sleeping when I'm dead, E ) :rolleyes:

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Re: Trip Report (Very, Very long!) #1572
04/22/06 04:58 PM
04/22/06 04:58 PM
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Beautiful San Marcos, Texas
Ernie B Offline
Ernie B  Offline
I tink you already died and no one tol ya laugh

Gun Control is Hitting Your Target.
Re: Trip Report (Very, Very long!) #1573
04/22/06 05:01 PM
04/22/06 05:01 PM

No way, E - K is very much awake - he has to be to hit all those potholes with the golfcart :rolleyes:

Re: Trip Report (Very, Very long!) #1574
04/22/06 05:10 PM
04/22/06 05:10 PM
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Rockport, Maine
klcman Offline
klcman  Offline
missing those things are almost as easy as dodging land mines in Afghanistan!

(apologies to Kia for hijack!)

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But then what do I know, I am but a mere caveman
Re: Trip Report (Very, Very long!) #1575
04/22/06 08:05 PM
04/22/06 08:05 PM
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1BKeeper Offline
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I enjoyed the details of your trip!
We were there some of the same days as you and heard some of Jerry Jeff's last concert, but from the dock next to Wet Willy's. From our seats it sounded fun and we were happy with the songs we heard. I am sorry about the concerts all being the same...that had to be a disappointment!
I love reading about San Pedro!

Re: Trip Report (Very, Very long!) #1576
04/25/06 02:22 PM
04/25/06 02:22 PM
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Northern California
LaurieMar Offline
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Great report - liked all the great details!

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