A dredging project on the Placencia peninsula has sparked concerns from
residents of both Placencia and Seine Bight. Correspondent Ifasina
Efunyemi filed this report:

Ifasina Efunyemi - Since two weeks ago the Placencia village council
has been investigating drainage project and trip to Belmopan prove that
the developers do not have a permit issued by the Department of the
Environment, Geology or Forestry to do any dredging or such development
in that area as a result the department issued a stop order to the
developers to discontinue work in the plantation development area just
north of Seine Bight Village where a proposed marina is being built.
Both the Seine Bight and the Placencia Village councils are working
together to address the situation. They are currently monitoring the
plantation development area to ensure that no other dredging takes
place. In speaking with Love News Placencia Village Council Chairman
Glen Eiley said and we quote ‘We have no problem with the development
but it must be done in a sustainable manner and with transparency, too
many times these projects go on and the community only knows after the
facts. We!
cannot accept this anymore.’ Eiley says the communities are calling on
government to take action and make sure any development is done in the
best interest of the communities that will be affected. According to
Eiley they have been getting the cooperation of the Police Department in
addressing the situation, however if government does not take the
necessary actions the communities are prepared to have a

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