With new tourist destinations
opening up in the south, the
factor of getting visitors there
as comfortably as possible is a
huge consideration. But
improvements to the Southern
Highway are well underway,
encouraging more tourists and
locals alike to go down under. This afternoon, Vildo
Marin, in his new capacity as Minister of Works,
officially inaugurated section five of the highway
during brief ceremonies held in Silk Grass Village.
According to Marin, the development of the
highway will positively impact the residents of the
Stann Creek and Toledo Districts.

Vildo Marin, Minister of Works
"Our tourists, need to have access to the
archaeological sites, to the forest reserves, and to
other tourist destinations such as Hopkins and
Placencia in the Stann Creek District and other parts
of the Toledo District. Our hardworking farmers of this
district need to have access to their milpas, to their
cattle ranches so that they can take out their produce
and in so doing improve their livelihood. Good roads
are also vital to the banana and citrus industries. And
this is the reason why our People's United Party
government in partnership with the British
Government, the World Bank, The Caribbean
Development Bank, the Inter-American Development,
the Kuwait Fund and OPEC are working tirelessly and
investing, so as to make this dream become are

The twenty miles of section five, which incorporates
that stretch of road between the South Stann
Creek Bridge to the junction at the Hummingbird
Highway, was funded jointly by the Government of
Belize and the Inter-American Development Bank
at a cost of twenty-five million Belize dollars.