John Roberts from Denver DID make it to the Island of AC!!!
He also brought golf balls for da Pres of the SPASC as well as a BUNCH of Sees Candy for Vicki at Caribe Island among other stuff for some good people!!! laugh
He be a dude of dudes!
You may ask me.... how do YOU know this Hope? confused
Well.... I be gettin “thank you e-mails”. lol
I guess some folks on AC associated what we bring/brought in the past with us and Poor John Roberts from Denver is gettin non of the thanks... frown when he bought and brought it all!
I want to set the record straight as well as thank you John Roberts!
That was darn nice of you and the folks do/did appreciate it!!!!
Sure wish we were still in Denver just so we could buy you lunch or dinner. Hummmm, you commin to Maui soon???