Exceptional Guides Lead
Lamanai Experience
by Magnum Belize

Without question, it's the guides that are the single most important
element of your jungle experience. For this reason, Lamanai Outpost
Lodge - which is widely considered to be one of Belize's finest jungle
lodges - has some of Belize's best guides on staff.

Situated on the banks of Belize's largest inland lake - the 30 mile
long New River Lagoon - the lodge and the ancient city of Lamanai are
surrounded by rainforest and savannah. The area is home to troops of
black howler monkeys, several species of cats, almost 400 species of
birds, crocodiles, otters, manatees, kinkajous and myriad of orchids,
bromeliads and other tropical plant life.

With some of Belize's best guides and naturalists on staff to guide
you, a walk through the rainforest becomes an unforgettable journey of
discovery at Lamanai.

The Outposts primary guides are Carlos Godoy, Ruben Arevalo and Jose
Torres. Each has been with the lodge for more than seven years, is
bilingual (Spanish and English) and is well versed in Maya
archaeology, botany, herbal medicine, zoology, ornithology, local and
natural history.

Carlos spent most of his childhood in the jungles surrounding Orange
Walk, where his family owns an orchid farm. He is recognized as one
of the premier orchid specialists in the country, and is the only
member of the American Orchid Society in Belize. Carlos has been
Lamanai's "senior naturalist" for over 10 years, during which time he
has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. He knows more about Lamanai
and the Maya culture than many archaeologists; is an accomplished
birder; and has a very impressive understanding of traditional jungle
medicine and healing practices.

Ruben grew up at Lamanai Outpost, essentially raised in a community of
naturalists and scientists. The Lamanai Field Research Center, which
is based at the lodge, hosts numerous researchers who study everything
from archaeology and primatology to bats, crocodiles and birds.
Hence, Ruben has had broad exposure to numerous fields and has gained
extensive knowledge of the natural sciences. His specialty and
passion is ornithology, and along with being an expert at
identification by both sight and song, he has an uncanny ability to
know what birds will be where, and when. His favorite places for
birding are the creeks off of the New River Lagoon watching his
favorite bird - the Agami Heron.

Jose was born in Orange Walk, Belize's second largest city. After
finishing his schooling and spending most of his childhood in the
surrounding jungles, he turned to guiding as a career. Shortly
thereafter, he moved to Lamanai and has never left. Jose is an
accomplished generalist and rather than having a specialty, his
knowledge is spread over all aspects of Belize's natural history,
including ornithology, botany and archaeology.