Hello Everyone,

The following is a notice sent to me by a company in Canada looking for an educated Belizean to assist them in their endeavours:

139 Whiteshore Crescent, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7J 3W3
Ph: (306) 374-2235 Fx: (306) 374-2234
Em: [email protected]


My name is John D. Semko and I work for Country Squire International Corporation. We develop, fund and construct humanitarian and infrastructure projects in developing countries. At the present time we are focusing on Oceania, Central and South America, Mexico and Jamaica.

Projects such as housing, schools, medical facilities, orphanages, roads, bridges, safe water, sewer treatment plants, irrigation, university and hospital expansion, trade schools, food processing and numerous agricultural initiatives are often requested.

We are searching for and will soon hire one or more representatives in each country. Company representatives will identify humanitarian and infrastructure projects and assist us with their development.

We expect candidates to:
- have a working knowledge in English
- be citizens of and reside in the developing country they represent
- be energetic, creative and motivated
- be university educated, although this is not compulsory

Additional information is available on our web site at www.countrysquire.to

For further information, female and male candidates may contact me directly at [email protected] OR fax at (306) 374-2234

Yours very truly,

John D. Semko
Executive Vice President