Its first inhabitants were traced back to the 1800's; however, the small Western Town of San Ignacio was not officially recognized as such until the turn of the next century. Plans are underway for a special event on the 100th anniversary next year, to honour those who have contributed to making San Ignacio what it now is. Chairman of the Octavia Waight Centre for the Homeless, Elias Awe, says because the programme must be nothing less than extraordinary, the organizing will begin from this year.

ELIAS AWE:"San Ignacio was actually founded in the middle 1800's but was granted township around the 19th of October, 1904, some 50 years after it was first settled so we are looking forward to honour our men and women from all walks of life and backgrounds who gave their best to improve the social, economical, political and religious life of the place we so proudly and dearly call home. As a result, at this special upcoming event the Board has decided to take the lead as coordinators to organize the event and give it the special attention it rightly deserves; of course we will do this along with the support of organizations such as Rotaract who have committed themselves to working along with us and other organizations to serve in the coordinating process."

Several upstanding individuals will be awarded for their contributions to the development of San Ignacio.