I've done every bad road in this country and passed every kind of four
wheel drive -- badly stuck -- using a Volks Rabbit!

Mainly -- because when it get real bad -- you can cut a long stick and pry
this small car out of anything!! The four wheel drive pl;ant themselves and
are to heavy -- to much suction -- to move after unless you call in a army
battle tank removal tool!!

And that is a front wheel drive not so different from the Honda --

I also put some spacers under the front shocks for 3/4 in extra lift -- and
run 185 size -- 13 inch.

The problem is the oil pan sits low -- can get knocked and that can break
the oil pump.

So walk through the water hole first -- to make sure no reef is there.

The best for real wet and rough roads is the very plain -- two wheel drive
-- small Jap pick-ups -- like Nissan -- Toy -- or Mitzis -- they have good
ground clearence and are still light.

But they are heavier than a Rabbit -- and do get bogged down -- but no need
for the tank removal tool -- just a few guys can push them out.

You can get a good vehicle here for $1000 US -- if your careful.

I just bought an old Volks Rabbit pick-up in good shape for $600 US -- but
needed lot's of minor work -- that I have the spare parts for.