A Texan dies and goes to Hell. It's terribly hot, of course, and everyone there is sweating and suffering. Except the Texan. He's just laying back and smiling.

"What's the matter?" says the Devil."Isn't is hot enough for you?"
"Just like a spring day in Amarillo. No problem!" replied the Texan.

The next day the Devil turned the heat way up. Everyone was really suffering now. Except the Texan. Still smiling. "You mean it's still not too hot for you?" asked the Devil.
"Just like a summer day in Laredo. No problem." said the Texan.

The next day the Devil decided to really fix him. So he turned the temperature way down. It got very cold, started sleeting and snowing,and icycles started forming. Everyone was freezing to death. Except the Texan.
"I don't get it." said the Devil. "Doesn't the cold bother you either?"

"The way I figure it," said the Texan, "the Rangers must have won the pennant!"