I posted this on another part of the message board but later realized this might be the best place to ask this question.

I have an odd request …

I would like to get a photograph of one of the locals in San Pedro. I only know him as Robin. Of course I would not want the photograph without his permission. We saw him a couple of times and both times he was pushing a yellow wheelbarrow filled with coconuts and some wooden carvings. Robin has dark skin, dreadlocks and is missing some of his front teeth. He’s about 57 years old (although we thought he was older).

The reason I want the photograph is my sister recently lost her husband of 43 years. Her pain and grief has been almost unbearable over the loss. While in San Pedro she met Robin on the street and talked with him for only 10 or 15 minutes. The things he said to her were so comforting that it truly eased her pain and has changed her whole outlook on life. That was the only time she spoke to him. We looked for him several times hoping to get a photograph but we never saw him again. My sister would love to get a photograph to remember this person that had such a healing effect on her.

My sister’s name is Kathy and she spoke to Robin about her husband, Lyle, while we were visiting San Pedro in late January.

If you have a photograph please email it to me at [email protected]

Thank you

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