[After originally posting this in another Forum as a follow-up to a follow-up, where it was pretty much off-topic and out-of-catagory, I decided it merited a re-posting here... ;-) 'L]

[Regarding where to stay in Belize City, a reader wrote:]

> Depends on your budget. I stay at the Downtown Guesthouse, $7.50US/person. Clean, safe, close to everything.

The one on Eve Street?! Me too! First place I ever parked my butt in Belize. Not much to look at, but as you say, clean safe and budget.

And I'll tell you a little tale...

Back in March 1998 my daughter dropped her passport under the bed and it stayed there when we checked out. The chambermaid found it, the owner Miss Kenny called a taxi, the maid jumped in and rushed to the bus depot and caught up with us in time to return it -- we never even knew it had been lost. And tho' we paid for the taxi and a tip (duh!), these were neither requested nor, I think, expected.

Although I can now afford to "upgrade", I still only stay at the Downtown Guesthouse. They bought my loyalty for life.

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