Hi guys, well, it's that time again!

The Belize Institute for Tropical & Wilderness Medicine and Global Medical Rescue Services Ltd. will be offering Dive Accident Management & Marine First Responder training & certification September 24-29. This year we will be at SunDiver, north AC, and the facility will be closed so we will have the place to ourselves. This is a class for Belizeans, by Belizeans (native and adopted, LOL) and while there will be a few US students attending, this class is 100% Belize!

This year’s class will be very heavy on dive accident management & water based emergencies. It will also include a dual-track medical first responder program: the basics for those without prior training and a review with more advanced topics for those who are already certified. Plan on LOTS of hands-on practice in and around the water!

Our local contact is Cori Doctor at CayoSunGirl@aol.com or call Belizean Shores.

Or email me for more details.

Special reduced pricing for locals is in effect as always. Class includes all needed supplies except a personal life jacket/knife/flashlight. We will be offering two fully paid tuition scholarships as always. Cori is in charge of taking applications for that.

Those trained last year have an impressive track record of responses and patient treatments. Lets build on it and keep the momentum going!