Belize has received international recognition at the recent Annual Conference of the Chiefs of Police Association in Los Angeles, California. During the session, Belize was praised for its strong and unwavering commitment, in the pursuit of fugitives wanted in the United States. Belize is now considered as one of the countries with the highest rate of arrests of US fugitives. Since 2002, Belize's Law Enforcement Officers have assisted in the capture and return of 50 fugitives wanted for serious crimes in the United States. These include murder, armed robbery, theft and fraud. The efforts of Belizean Law Enforcement Officials have resulted in the location and return of water vessels valued at 8 hundred thousand US dollars and almost 7 hundred thousand US dollars valued in stolen vehicles. To date, 15 other cases involving fugitives from the United States are pending. During a meeting with the US Assistant Secretary of State, Francis Taylor; Commissioner of Police, Jose Zetina highlighted the department's needs for development in areas that would improve the response and investigative capabilities, in the pursuit of fugitives and the ongoing fight against crime and violence. US Assistant Secretary of State Taylor pledged full support to Belize's cause on behalf of his government.