Commissioner of Police Gerald Westby will present the first Commissioner's Award today to Haneef Lemoth of Ladyville Technical High School. The award is a part of the Commissioner's new 'Do the Right Thing' program that looks for young people who exhibit outstanding conduct and academic success, and who contributes positively to their communities. The program is intended to motivate young people toward a positive path in life by recognizing their efforts and achievements. Each month, one student will be selected from every high school in every district and will be honoured with a certificate, tee shirt and a letter personally signed by the Commissioner of Police. At the end of the school year, a selection board will be formed at Police Headquarters in Belmopan to choose one top student who will receive special honours and gifts including a special trip. The Commissioner says he believes that the program will demonstrate that good kids are also newsworthy and he hopes th!
at the program will foster positive relations between the police and the youths of our community. The Commissioner extends congratulations to Haneef Lemoth and urges all other youths to 'do the right thing'. This Wednesday Sasha Hernandez of Canaan High School will receive her honours. The ceremonies are scheduled for eight o'clock this morning and Wednesday morning.

The Auxillou Beach Suites has pledged a donation of a two night stay to the prize kitty for this very worthwhile project. If you would like to donate a gift, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will forward your pledge to the Commissioner of Police, or you can e-mail the G. Michael Reid, Police Press Officer at [email protected]

Please help reward a great kid today!

Thanks and cheers,
Wendy Auxillou
Auxillou Beach Suites