We are in desperate need of funding for the Indian Church Village Library. We need 2 things:

1) funds for the librarian salary for 2006 and
2) to expand the library so we can put the donated computer we have into it.

The artisan center now has solar power and we hope to run the lines to the library so we can have a computer, a fan, and a light in the library.

I have (or more accurately WE have) been VERY fortunate to find a donor who is willing to give us:

$2 US for every $1 US we can raise.

With the above in mind we would need to raise $700 US and the donor will then provide us with $1400 US. If this happens we would have enough for the ENTIRE 2006 librarian salary AND an addition to the building.

To make this happen we would need either 35 people to donate $20 US EACH, or if individuals were more generous that would make up for those who just can't give!

I cannot thank you enough on behalf of myself and all the Indian Church Village residents for ANY donations you might be able to give!

If this is something you can help us with please send donations to:

Indian Church Village Library
C/O Laura Howard
3036 Lake Shore Drive
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442