Belize City, Tuesday, May 10th, 2005 - Belize was featured in an MSNBC article as one of the Ten Eco Wonderlands. MSNBC uses the newsgathering resources of NBC News and NBC's more than 200 affiliated stations to offer viewers the highest quality 24-hour schedule of news. As of March 2004, MSNBC has been viewed in more than 80 million US television households and a total of 56 thirty-second spots have been secured for airing of the Belize commercials on MSNBC. The article featured both inland and island activities in Belize and was written in April by Ty Sawyer and Jackie D'Antonio.

The title of the article was entitled, "10 Eco Wonderlands - Experience adventures of a lifetime exploring unique, beautiful places." The article showcased how exciting and amazing Ty Sawyer and Jackie D'Antonio's cave tubing experience was and stated how intriguing the call of the howler monkey between caves was. They went on to further comment that ignoring the inner tube and headlights, it was easy the feel the ancient presence of the jungle, palpable, creeping, wet and thick with oxygen. They also made mention that the jungle is so persuasive and unrelenting that it actually engulfed an entire civilization for centuries.

Ty and Jackie also spoke of their hiking the impossibly steep steps of the temple of El Castillo at Xunantunich, their visit to the Lamanai Mayan site and the famous Belize Zoo. They then went on to Glover's Atoll on the Barrier Reef and stated that the blue water that stretches over the dive sites offered a profusion of marine life and hundreds of virtually untouched places to dive. The story culminated by describing the Must Do in Belize is Cave Tubing, the Must Dive Places are Pinnacles, Long Caye Wall, Emerald Forest Reef, Split Reef, and Southwest Caye Wall.