Mexican President, Vicente Fox Quesada left the country this morning enroute Honduras. In addition to signing various agreements, holding private meeting and addressing the National Assembly, a reception was hosted in his honor last night at the House of Culture in Belize City. In addressing the gathering, Prime Minister Musa went back into history saying that in October of 1958 at the General Assembly of the United Nations, the Mexican Foreign Minister the new police of Mexico in regards to Belize, the right to self determination of the people of Belize. He continued by saying that in 1977, Mexico voted at the UN, in favor of an independent Belize and was also on Belize s side in 1981 when the long struggle for independence was finally won. Prime Minister Musa adds that Belize continues to count on the unwavering support of Mexico.

Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize:

Even as we continue to fender off the agonistic and unsounded playing upon our territorial integrity, the people of Belize have never forgotten the solidarity of Mexico through out these difficult and historic times and I want to reiterate to you, Mr. President, the most genuine appreciation of all Belizeans. And as is well known whenever Mexico has required the support of Belize in regional or international forums, they have always found us to be a responsive and supportive neighbor and we have also supported each other by collaborating to fight crime and drug trafficking as well as in critical areas as health and environmental protection in our border areas.

Furthermore, Prime Minister stated that what was achieved yesterday is a clear evidence of the strong relations between Belize and Mexico.

Said Musa, Prime Minister of Belize:

Earlier this year our countries met at the Ministerial and Technical level to purse issues and projects of mutual interest; your visit has served to solidify and expand in these issues and projects and we are pleased to report to our people on the developments emanating from our talks. We have made significant progress on the generous offer of the Mexican Government to expand and improve the Escuela Mexico Secundaria Tecnica in Corozal District. We are also pleased with the progress reported in the construction of a new bridge between Corozal district and the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and access road from the Belize side. This new infrastructure project under the plan Puebla Panama will help to alleviate the growing traffic problem currently being experienced at the present bridge, facilitating trade and tourism between our countries and enhance the connectivity between Mexico, Belize and the other nations of Central America. We have taken the liberty of your visit t!
o sign the high level of border security so that we can have improved security cooperation at the border. Something that is vital and indispensable for the safety of our citizens and the protection of our borders.

As part of the ceremonies last night, Prime Minister, Said Musa, conferred on President Fox Quesada, the Order of Belize, the country s highest award given to non-Belizeans. In a similar token, President Fox Quesada conferred on Prime Minister, Said Musa, the Order of the Mexican Aztec Eagle.