here's a question from the crowd during yesterdays appearance by President Bush in Sun City Center, Florida

Q We put out a patent to control hurricanes, and we sent it to -- (laughter) -- Senator Byrd, and he thought it was great, and he --

THE PRESIDENT: Give him a mic that works, please. (Laughter.)

Q We sent it to Senator Byrd, and he thought it was great, and he gave it, I understand, to Karl Rove.

THE PRESIDENT: What now? I missed your question, sir.

Q A patent to control hurricanes.

THE PRESIDENT: To control hurricanes?

Q Right.

THE PRESIDENT: Where were you last year? (Laughter.)

Q I'm here this year, okay. And Senator Byrd thought it was good enough, from North Carolina, and he gave it -- I understand it was given to Karl Rove, okay. We want -- we tried to get in touch with you, and we hope you get the description of this patent, because we feel sure it's the one thing that can stop hurricanes when they're young and vulnerable, okay. We can get them, and we're using the coldest thing in the universe to do it. And planes -- it's all planned on just how to do it, from MacDill, or anywhere. And so we hope you get to read this. I gave it to a guy named Ryan here, that's an associate of yours, and I hope he gives it to you.

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, good. What's his name?

Q My name is Luther Hoffman (phonetic). We sent you a letter, but I guess it may not have gotten through.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you know -- (laughter.)