GOB/Atlantic Bank offer New Service

19 October, 2005 - Belmopan
The Government of Belize Sales Tax Department, in collaboration with
Atlantic Bank Limited, announces that effective immediately, sales tax
payments can be made across the counter at Atlantic Bank branches
countrywide, or online at www.atlabank.com.

This service has become available at the successful completion of a
three month joint pilot project carried out by the Government of Belize
and Atlantic Bank.

The decision to explore options for the payment of sales tax is a step
in the continued effort by the Government of Belize to achieve optimum
efficiency in service to the public. It is believed that the option of
paying sales tax at Atlantic Bank branches across the country or online
at www.atlabank.com will reduce congestion and inconvenience at sales
tax offices, and offer increased security and efficiency when making

In a further move to reduce inconvenience and increase efficiency,
Atlantic Bank Limited has entered into a 'good faith' agreement with the
Government of Belize to accept cheques from all local banks in the
country for the payment of sales tax.

In addition, both parties have also confirmed that in the near future,
customers will also be able to make business tax payments through the
banking system.

Atlantic Bank Limited currently offers a wide range of online services
through its website www.atlabank.com, including corporate e-banking,
personal internet banking and online bill payments to utilities and
participating organizations.

For more information, contact Cynthia Castillo at 222-5574/79 or
[email protected] or Carlos Witz at 223-4123 ext. 299 or
[email protected]