Wataire Industries Inc. Receives Field and Water Test Results

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Feb. 7, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Wataire Industries Inc (Pink Sheets:WTAF) is pleased to announce very positive results of the second round of water production field tests that have been completed in Belize City, Belize by Research and Development Scientist Mr. Roland Wahlgren.

Test one resulted in water a production level of: 2,638 liters per day.

Test two resulted in water a production level of: 2,598 liters per day.

Test three resulted in water a production level of: 2,833 liters per day.

The average of these three tests was a production level of 2,687.6 liters per day. This again has certified that Wataire's production simulation software can quite accurately predict production levels for the model CI-2500 liter per day design.

The equipment is working well and exceeding design specifications.

Energy consumption during round two testing has varied from .35 to .40 of a kilowatt-hour of energy per liter of water produced.

As previously reported using a rate of 6 cents per kilowatt-hour (Canadian rate) for the energy costs to produce a liter of water. Wataire's equipment produces a liter of water for an energy cost of 2.1 cents to 2.4 cents per liter.

This would vary according to local domestic commercial energy costs and whether local governments would subsidize energy for potable water production.

Wataire has proved atmospheric water generation to be a very technically feasible and sustainable new source of drinking water for the world.

We have had the following Belize authorities visit our field test sight with the intent of assessing the Wataire equipment and the value for use as an emergency potable water source in the entire Pan American Health Region.

Mr. Anthony Flowers -- Water Analyst- Belize Public Dept.

Mr. Rony Maza -- Advisor, Environmental Health and Disaster Preparedness, Regional Office of the World Health Organization, Belize City, Belize.

Mr. Roland Rivers -- Senior Technical Officer, Waste and Wastewater Sector, Public Utilities Commission, Belize City.

Mr. Mark Bernard -- the local Senior Public Health Inspector.

All parties were given a detailed description of the equipment and a hands-on tour of the sight.

They were impressed with the portability and sustainability of this process, especially once they learned the atmosphere has an estimated 100,000 cubic miles of water that can now be harvested.

Current water test results for the CI-2500 water generators in Belize supplied to the company from the National Drinking Water Monitoring Program and Belize Water and Waste Water Laboratory, have produced results of a detected heterotrophic bacterial count of less than one colony forming unit per ml of water, and no detection of fecal coliform. The water test meets the chemical and bacteriological requirements specified by the World Health Organization.

Mr. Roland V. Wahlgren, B.Sc., M.A; is on Wataire's Advisory Board and is head of the company's R&D Department. As a physical geographer, scientific researcher and with expertise in climatology, geomorphology, hydrology and oceanography, Mr. Wahlgren is also an experienced business executive with fifteen years of senior management including strategic planning. Mr. Wahlgren's key strengths lies in research, accurate and thorough; with ability to find, synthesize, and present information from various sources in both scientific and business fields.