North Shore Patrol Officers are using two cell phones this morning.

Please use both numbers, as one phone may be charging.

601-7733 and 667-9061

Please do report any unusual persons or circumstances to the officers.
Even if the strangers are moving away from your area, they may intend
harm in an other area.

The Officers were out early this morning taking a census of persons staying
on this side of the river for the duration of Emily.


FERRY. Nurse Natalie reports from San Pedro Town Hall that NEMO and Town Council will keep the ferry running until bad weather closes in. We will attempt to give you an hour's warning before closure, but that may not be possible. Use common sense if it is important for you to be on one side of the river or the other.

The ferry had been scheduled to close at 10 a.m., but will stay open until weather conditions require that it be hauled to safety.

NEMO (226-2198) has a local doctor on call for medical emergencies. Please try your local clinic and doctor before contacting NEMO.

Current weather reports forecast less threatening conditions for our area. Very welcome news. However, until Emily is well over land in the Yucatan, storm precautions should still be observed.


Thank You! to the many people who have been Looking Out for Us!

Nurse Natalie and the NEMO crew.

Sgt. Irma Anderson, San Pedro Police and Belize Defense Force Officers.

Mayor Elsa Paz and our Area Representative, the Honorable Manuel Heredia.

Eiden Salazar and the guys at REEF RADIO 92.3 FM.

Marty and his Merry Messengers! with their Welcome Weather Sites!

Jeff, Vivian, Francis at Azul.

Ali and Alanzo at El Pescador.

Bob and Diane Campbell.

Ed and Krystyna Walters.

It takes a Village to make an Island a Great Place to live!