The Belize Archives Department is planning an exhibition on hurricanes. Assistant Archivist Lizette Thompson tells Love News that the exhibition is deliberately scheduled for the hurricane season to create more public awareness.

Lizette Thompson:

As you are aware, on June 1st started the hurricane season and the Archives department was interested in perusing and exhibition starting in the month of June but during that period the school children are having their exams and they are involved in other things and classes are closed now, so we are trying to see if we can set up something in the month of September, October and November, so that the people are aware what hurricanes are all about and the disaster it can cause and the Archives Department at the end of the day have all of this information and it is very important for us to disseminate to the general public. It is basically focusing on the different hurricanes that have destroyed Belize or that have impacted Belize in some way and also we will be highlighting photographs and we have photographs of the 1931 and the 1961 hurricanes, Janet in 1951 and so on but we are trying to see is to establish at least two hurricanes the northern districts, the southern distr!
icts so that we can encompass a general view of the impact countrywide and this is what we are trying to focus on for the month of September. We are trying to see if we can work around with NICH, the met office and NEMO. These are people that at the end of the day; when we come together we are able to have a more impact on the public in disseminating the information.

Thompson says the Archives Department will work with the National Institute of Culture and History, the Belize Meteorological Service, and the National Emergency Management Organization in putting together the exhibition.