Hi Marty,

This is a voice from the not so long past...remember "Casa de Cafe," on Front Street? One of the islands most favorite spot for Coffee and conversation in the year 1995-1996!!! I do hope you remember me...thank you so much for the posting on the web of "Casa De Cafe," although, it is no longer in existence. It was so much fun for all while it lasted. I often wish, I could do it again, who knows one never knows what the future holds. Dreams do come true!!!

Well,I am still living in Sunnyside, New York, USA, but I tell you I am addicted to my beautiful island of San Pedro, so I do go home every year for the annual Easter holidays.

On a different note,I am so concerned and worried regarding this huge, monster hurricane Wilma, it reminds so much of Mitch in it's immensity and power and that's really scary.

In any event, I am so happy to learn that Belize and the islands were spared, but sad that Cancun, the Yucatan Pennisula and other countries were affected by the hurricane. I really sympathize with the citizens and tourist that were visiting Cancun, the Yucantan and Mexico at this most unpredictabe time and any other countries that was affected by this tragic event. My prayers go out to all and...God continues to bless beautiful Belize and the islands.

Good Luck Marty, keeping up with the Message Board, you're doing such a fantastic job as usual...Write me...

Best regards,