Jun 2, 2006

This morning the National Emergency Management Organization made several
donations. NEMO gave to both governmental and non governmental
organizations involved with search and rescue, and in helping in the event
of hurricanes. The donations were made at NEMO's warehouse located in
Ladyville and the donations include emergency supplies and clothing. The
National Coordinator for NEMO is Colonel Lovell.

Colonel Lovell, National Coordinator for NEMO

"With the issuance of these equipment and clothing it is hoped that we will
increase our capacity as a nation. The items to be handed over today
include search and rescue kit which is made up of power saws, search
lights, ladders, repelling ropes and protective clothing just a few to
mention there are many other kits. The chairman of NEMO the Rt. Honorable
Said Musa has directed that some of the clothing that have been given to
the Government of Belize by the Government of China Taiwan for humanitarian
purposes be handed out to established organizations that carry out
humanitarian functions in Belize. I am please to be given the opportunity
today to issue to a number of organizations, some well over six thousand
pieces of clothing to organizations like the Belize Red Cross, Sister
Cecelia Home, The Salvation Army, Octavia Waight Center and a few others.
It is hope that with this approach we will be able to reach those marginal
sectors or communities in our society with a transparent and equitable way
of distribution to these people that are most needy. I trust that the
equipment and the clothing that will be handed over here today will be used
to preserve life and property in the event of a emergency threaten or real
to mitigate the impact on our country and its people."

Colonel Lovell, National Coordinator for NEMO. Also present at this
morning's donation was Minister of National Emergency Management, Godfrey

Godfrey Smith, Minister of National Emergency Management

"We felt that well since its National Emergency Awareness Week now is a
very good time to assist other committees other departments that are part
of this national effort to prepare for emergency and to react to emergency.
We well know ladies and gentlemen even though there is a NEMO and even
though it is staffed and equipped by dedicated competent people who plan
all year round nothing great will be achieve without the support of a
number of organizations without the help of the fire service without the
help of the BDF without the help of organizations like yours who very
quietly and in your own way contribute to ensuring that there is
preparation and safety. One of our leading collaborators is the Belize Red
Cross and it should never be understated how much they contribute to our
national effort. While the national emphasis is on national emergency
preparations the organizations that you represent do a very noble and
charitable kind of work all year round. And after we received the donation
from the Taiwanese Ambassador the Government could think of nothing better
to do with it than to ensure that all the charitable organizations across
the sectors that these items of clothing are placed in your hands and that
you go about distributing it in the manner that you see fit, so we are very
pleased with that decision and we are very honored that you have so many
outstanding organizations, some represented here and other as well will be
engaging in this exercise. We have no doubt that it will be put to its best
possible use."

Godfrey Smith, Minister of National Emergency Management. Representing one
of the organizations that received part of the donation was Elias Awe of
Helpage Belize.

Elias Awe, Helpage Belize

"Well obviously as you will appreciate that the organization addresses
needs some of the needs are things like clothing, equipment and other
infrastructure items. Certainly we have the need in the sense that most of
the children in the case of Marla's and the elderly in the case of Octavia
Waight Center who are always in need of clothing and things of this sort
MNEMO is today donating to the organizations."

Arturo Cantun - Love FM

"How does the organization that you represent organize itself in the event
of a hurricane?"

Elias Awe, Helpage Belize

"Well we do a disaster management plan for the organization and we
communicate with NEMO and especially with respect to the Sister Cecilia
Home here in Belize City with the elderly. So NEMO has always been very
responsive to our call whenever we need them. And in the case of the
Octavia Waight Center we are also open to receive the elderly people who
are transferred from Belize City to San Ignacio."

Elias Awe of Helpage Belize. This week is being celebrated as NEMO
National Awareness Week under the theme "Risk Reduction for a Safer
Belize". The official hurricane season started yesterday June 1 and runs
until November 30. According to weather experts the 2006 Hurricane Season
will be an active another active Hurricane season as seen in recent years.

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