To whom it may concern; US AIRLINE PILOT/TEACHER wishes to do volunteer, and or piloting for pay in Belize. I have 9000 hrs. jet time, a former FAA Investigator, and will complete my teacher's certificate soon. Anyone in need of my services, and/or volunteer work please contact me at [email protected] I need contact people to get started to teach those less fortunate then myself to teach them to read and qwrite so that they have a chance in their lives to succeed. All inquiries welcome. Sincerely, John Parkin [email protected] Thank you.

My name is John P., and I am very determines to teach elementary school in Belize. I was an Airline Pilot for 13 years,a Federal F.A.A.Investigator. It's God's calling for me to teach the poor children to reaad andd write so that THEY may have a chance in their live's to succeed, with no pay, just a safe place to live and I pay rent. Somebody PLEASE refer me to the rigght persons'? Speak semi-fluent spanish. A pilot position there would be great as well. [email protected] Thank you.