Yvonne here in San Pedro, I'm in search of stolen items from my home. Yes, we were robbed again! That makes four times in four years. These are the last of the items I own that have any value at all, the jewelry went on the first robbery. The items are being sold around the island and we have recovered only a few. I am willing to pay you for the return of any items and any info leading to the group of thieves (we got only one of them, he won't talk) that hit our home (we all know it is thief season). Mostly Crystal: vases, figurines, platter's, etc.... Brass figurines, China cabinet type stuff. The stupid things that they sold that will give them away are: kites, wind socks, variety of really cheap sunglasses, water tight containers that hang around your neck, Purple hammock�. The list goes on. So, we all know "that guy" who comes around selling stuff and we know he never bought any of it. I ask everyone and anyone who has "A stinking suspicion" about something they have been offered to buy �.. Please call me at 226-4079. All help is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards

Yvonne Bond
Iguana Gardens LTD
Barefoot Iguana LTD