You do? Fantastic! That $20 will go a long way towards helping the Saga Humane Society reach their goal of building a new animal clinic. Donations can be made through the Saga website at //

Please take 5 minutes of your time to make a donation. If you've found any of my posts on this board to be helpful think of it as a pay back. This cause is very close to my heart and I ask everyone to please help out in any way you can.

On October 1st Saga will be evicted from our current facilities and we're trying to raise funds to build a new clinic. While donations are coming in it looks like there is no way they'll be able to get the new facilities up in time unless we radically increase the number of donations or find an angel to front the cost while we work towards raising funds.

Without a clinic on the island the health of the islands animals would rapidly go downhill and we'd soon be seeing increasing numbers of strays and malnourished animals on the streets.

Hundreds read this board and if everyone could give just $20 it would go a long way towards helping us meet our goals.