May 23, 2006

The Institute of Archaeology is conducting research into another interesting archaeological discovery. We talked with Institute Director, Doctor Jaime Awe.

Doctor Jaime Awe, Director of Institute of Archeology

“One of our rangers that work in the Roaring Creek came across a sword, a metal sword, inside a cave. Now what is interesting is that the Maya did not use metal swords. When we started to do the research what we found out is that the sword was French produced sometime in the mid 17th Centaury to the late 17th Centaury. What is interesting about this is that we know at this time the Spanish are traveling up and down the Belize River converting the Mayas in these communities to Catholicism and the Maya somehow may have gotten hold of this sword and deposited in the cave and the reason why we know this happened is because a year ago we found a Spanish olive jar within a cave as well and what this is telling us is that the Maya were trading with the Spanish for these objects or we know the Maya revolted several times against the Spanish and killed the Spanish and the Maya may have taken this jar and sword from a dead Spanish soldier. It is a very, very interesting discovery because it tells us about the early interaction between native Maya Belizeans and the Spanish.”

Director of the Institute of Archaeology, Doctor Jaime Awe.