May 26, 2006

Pianist Doctor Christine Kefferstan will present a concert Sunday at the
Bliss Centre for the performing arts. Love News spoke with Doctor

Dr. Christine Kefferstan, Pianist

"I am a professor of Piano and I have graduate and undergraduate students
and a few children, pre-college who also study with me. One of my students
is Joyce Wang whose parents are Peter and Jenny Wang are here in Belize and
Joyce studies Piano and she knows Mr. Neal here at the Bliss Center and
through Joyce's efforts and a lot of people's efforts I have been invited
here to perform on Sunday evening at six o' clock and then on Saturday from
two to four there will be a master class with students that play pieces for
me and I will talk to them of how to make music."

Kefferstan tells us what the audience can expect on Sunday evening.

Dr. Christine Kefferstan, Pianist

"I am playing pieces by major composers for the piano classical music that
I am talking between each piece and trying to use pieces that I love and
that are very excisable. I don't want it to be a formal stuffy concert
where people think there is a distance between the performer and the
audience. I am playing a piece by Beethoven and then a beautiful romantic
piece where you feel the rocking of the boat and I think that is
appropriate and then I will have another two pieces a French Composer from
the early 1900s and then the concert will conclude with a piece form an
Argentine Composer. There is a very vivid imagination and in the great
love of dancing and festive sounds and with vital energetic music so all of
these pieces and with my talking will about one hour and hopefully be a
chance for me to communicate with the people. I ant to tell them a little
about how each composer began with a blank page and if you think about
writing music and you have a heap of white page where do you begin and that
is what I want to talk about."

Doctor Christine Kefferstan. If you are interested in being a part of the
open master class tomorrow at the Bliss with Doctor Kefferstan you can call
the Institute of Creative Arts. Tickets for Sunday evening's concert is ten