Local T.V. drama set for second season
The development of local television in small poor markets like Belize is not a particularly encouraging proposition. With high costs, relatively few viewers and a tiny talent pool it's difficult to make the numbers work. But that hasn't stopped a handful of creative souls from trying to defy the laws of economics ... and at the same time having some fun. News Five's Alyssa Noble reports.

Alyssa Noble, Reporting
It’s the first locally written and produced television series called Noh Matta Wat, which debuted last year to rave reviews is about to begin its second season. According to Denvor Fariweather, the show’s Producer, the upcoming episodes promise to not only entertain, but also educate.

Denvor Fairweather, Producer, Noh Matta Wat
“What we are doing this season is that we are focusing on a couple other social themes. When we met with the writers and the creative team earlier this year, we decided what we want to do with the show besides entertaining the public, who have given us great feedback and appreciate the show according to what we’ve done in a survey and feedback. We also want to wherever possible highlight social issues so that the show also has a social effect, a positive social effect wherever possible.”

One way the show plans on accomplishing this is by expanding the role of a few characters that were in the periphery last season, especially Rosanna.

Hershabeth Ramclam, Portrays Rosanna in Noh Matta Wat
“She is basically an eighteen year old. She’s been through a lot from her childhood experiences, which basically makes her a very flirty person. She’s not very good in school and she’s outgoing, but she’s fun. All of this as I said before has been a part of what she went through in her past, child abuse and so on.”

And while, the issue of child abuse is guaranteed to resonate within some Belizeans, it’s not the only issue the show plans to expose. But, if you’re wondering about the details … you’ll have to wait and see.

Kelley Chatman, Director
“Compared to last season, the story lines are just getting deeper and deeper and more twists and turns and surprises. Season two is going to be awesome, it just is and you’ll see some great surprises so.”

Alyssa Noble reporting for News Five.

Noh Matta Wat will host a premiere Thursday night at the Bliss, featuring a movie length recap of season one plus the first episode of season two. The show makes its television debut on Monday night. July third ... right here on Channel Five.