from a friend

Couldn't afford to fill her up today but while buying gas
in Ladyville, i noticed that the price per US Gallon of
regular gasoline is US$ 4.59 or bz$ 9.18

Aquisition cost from ESSO/EXXON is now under USD$2.00/ us
gallon. Therefore we are being taxed in excess of 110% on
regular gasoline. The taxed rate on diesel remains at 50%,
mas o menos. This makes no sense to be "subsidizing" diesel
at the expense of gasoline. Tax them at the same rate.

Wanna alleviate poverty? Government has to first reduce the
excessive taxes on fuels & butane for cooking. And while
they are at it, remove those ridiculous disconnection/
reconnection charges the utility companies are bleeding us
with. They keep poor people down but that's what they
obviously want to do. They know exactly what they need to
do to alleviate poverty.

I really don't know how our struggling fisherfolk make it
in Belize. And now they want to take away their cooperative
to boot. Damn that's rough. Rough and ice cold.