question received:

Could you find out from the Fishermen why they are wary about using diesels?


one really big setback with the diesel program, well maybe

1) the fishermen don't really want them (diesels); most
fishermen are really happy with their mexican lanchons &
their yamaha enduro outboard for a lot of different
reasons. They'll tell you:
a) aquisition costs are high for diesels
b) maintenance costs are higher than gas
c) too smelly
d) too noisy [noise pollution]
e) the smell of diesel makes them sick easily
f) what would they do with existing loan situation paying
for the engines they are using now
g) new cash outlay doesnt justify the minimal savings on
h) diesel vibrate too much and their skiffs couldn't handle
the vibration, structurally
j) much more pollution to the environment (fishermen are
hip to ecological concerns)

and secondly:
2) nobody is really encouraging them to go diesel,
certainly not officialdom.


I have spoken to fishermen and water taxi guys about the diesels. They don't like the smell and say others can smell it on the fish. Diesel is hard to get compared to gas and they have a hard enough time buying gas because they work such long hours.
Watertaxis with diesels were adapted from outboard skiffs and didn't prove compatible.
For those new here, perhaps Peter might post a picture of his diesal riverboat. This is a very efficient VERY shallow water craft that can lunge over the mud and small obstructions. Remarkable and impressive craft. He imports the engine and sells them at a modest price.


Perhaps they are concerned about the fact that usually, diesels are mounted
inboard, with all that implies in regard to draft, beaching, and