Incumbents hold off challengers in P.U.P. conventions

Conventions to elect or endorse P.U.P. standard bearers continued over the weekend in four constituencies across the country. On Sunday in Belize City, incumbent area representative Jose Coye was endorsed by Caribbean Shores voters, while Queen Square residents nominated Anthony Sylvestre Junior to represent them in the next general elections. Up north, more than thirteen hundred voters turned out in the Corozal Bay division to decide between Vildo Marin and Fredy Ewens. When the votes were tallied, Marin received seven hundred and fifty-nine, while Ewens fell short with five hundred and sixty-three. Out west, Kendall Mendez will maintain his position as standard bearer in the Cayo West constituency, defeating challenger Armando Chulin seven hundred twenty-five to three hundred ninety-seven. Among the upcoming P.U.P. events is the scheduled convention in Cayo North this weekend where Nasim Lisbey and Otto Coleman will compete. And in case you were wondering what's happening in Belize Rural Central, we understand tonight that Ralph Fonseca is still "undecided" as to his future in Belizean politics. Several names, including that of Dr. Cardo Martinez, had been dropped as possible successors to the area rep's throne. We are told that Fonseca should decide whether he'll run or not run as early as this Friday.