Santinoís rider steals M & M tour in the hills
Good evening. Iím James Adderley and we welcome you to another fresh dish of Sports Monday. We take you back immediately people to Thursday at Leslieís Imports on the Western Highway, where thirty-six riders are all dressed up to begin the five stage M & M Masters Cycle Tour which caters to over twenty-three years riders, and riders classified in Catt two, three and four.

Keep your eyes on that yellow shirt to the right of your screen. Itís Roque Matus of M & M Engineering pulling the trigger. He had grabbed the opening forty-two mile ride on Wednesday. Today in stage two, he makes it a two wins in a row with this blistering sprint and obviously he becomes the man to beat. This brings us to Fridayís six mile individual time trial event and guess who is the man with the best record our six miles? Itís Roque Matus in a time of 14 minutes 24 seconds, to win three stages of this Masters Tour in a row.

This brings us to Saturdayís stage four which takes us to the Sibun Bridge at mile thirty for the start of the eighty-four mile ride through the hilly terrain of the Hummingbird Highway, and Roque Matus remains with the leaderís jersey going in.

Going to the tape inside Armenia, it looks like a two man race between Adrian Faux and Sherman Thomas.

However, Faux blows him away to grab the stage four as a solitary rider. Thomas has to settle for second and well Roque Matus, he finished thirteenth. That would come back to haunt him.

Therefore going into the final stage the front riders are Sherman Thomas who wears the yellow today, Roque Matus in the sprinters green and Adrian Faux not seen in this scene.

As we head out of Santa Elena for a sixty-six mile ride to Belize City. Around mile thirty-nine Adrian Faux forces his way into view with this wonderful pull away from the pelathon.

Fauxís lead is temporary because at mile twenty-two itís an eight man strong team running the show.

Weíre hugging the curve to the finish in front of Leslieís Imports and Faux ups the ante, and there is no answer from Roque Matus who pulls up second. Ray Cattouse settles for third, Windell Williams fourth, while John Newport rounds out the top five in stage five.

This win by Adrian Faux pushes him to the big w with a total time of 11 hours 27 minutes and 52 seconds, and we say congratulations.

Ray Cattouseís total of 11 hours 28 minutes and 39 second was enough for second place.

John Newport took third in 11 hours 30 minutes and 2 seconds. Windell Williams fourth in 11 hours 30 minutes and 28 seconds, while Roque Matus finished fifth in 11 hours 30 minutes and 43 seconds.

At least Roque Matus can comfort himself because he did win the green sprinters jersey in this event. Sherman Thomas took the mountain climber award, while Ray Cattouse emerged as the best over forty rider in the event.

In Billiards news, action in the Guiness 8 Ball Pool Tournament on Friday saw Mikeís Club mash El Paso 8-2 and Copa tamed Lion King 6-4. On Saturday Triangle blanked El Paso 8-zip, while Lion King mauled Cattís Place 6-4. This Thursday M.J.ís faces Advance at Copa and Cayo goes to Shooters, while on Friday M.J.ís visit Copa and Shooters goes to Mikeís Club.

Turning to the cricket scene, things are heating up in the Belize Rural. On Saturday Bennyís Wicked 11 got thirty-six runs form Wilton Flowers to overwhelm Summer Fever of Bermudian Landing 229 to 141, to get into the fourth team play-offs this year.

Joining them on Sunday was Home Protector Sunrise of Lords Bank with a 114-112 win over Summer Fever. This Saturday Wicked 11 and Sunrise will battle each other for the third and fourth place seeding in the play-offs. Already seeded number one is Excellence of Double Head and Brilliant of Crooked Tree comes into this play-off seeded second.

Finally in Basketball news, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks have taken a 2-nil lead over U.B. Black Jaguars in this best of five semi-pro championship series. The Sharks took game one 86 to 51 and game two 92 to 81. The scene now shifts to Capital City Belmopan for game three and four if necessary. Game three is set for Friday and game four for Saturday. Should the series go to a game decisive five that match will be staged inside the City Centre here in Belize City.

Hey folks thatís our show for tonight. We certainly invite you back same time, same place next week. Jah, over all I am James Adderley.