Hello friends,

As promised, update on the New Years bashment in Belize. Posse chartered Tsunami ginormous boat to San Pedro for a night at partying at Ramons Village Resort. Trixie & Lolita managed to get together a gang of 50+ persons to head over for the night. Mostly tourists.
Gilharry Band played on the beach and were fantastic dishing out carnival tunes that had the crowd gyrating. It was full moon and spectacular. My group managed to be next to the main bar (Parrots Bar) at the tick of midnight and scored many bottles of free champagne (this was planned as I knew from last year that at the countdown, bottles flowed freely to those who were lucky enough to be near the bar).
Needless to say, we were a bit tanked and ended up in a circle on the beach next to the main tent jamming non-stop as if we were in Sept 21 Carnival in Belize. Spectators gathered to watch this crowd of Belizeans and tourists alike dancing under the moonlight with massive energy. We might have stolen the show that night (ha ha).
The ride back was lovely and the boat was much lighter than when we arrived. A few people didn't like the 3:00 am curfew!
A few romances blossomed among the boat possee but sadly trixie didn't get a date....not sad though, I had the time of my life.
Haven't heard much buzz about Caye Chapel and I think it was a bit of a bore. We had docked over in Caye Chapel New Years Eve morning to take a bartender from Oceanside to an interview to work the bar for them that night. She said she made major cash. Lots of Ambassadors and high flying guests. I wouldn't have minded meeting a few eligible batchelors of that calibre. There weren't many single people and it was a couple's night I heard, so I didn't miss anything.
Oceanside and I&I on Caye Caulker were overflowing with partygoers rumor has it. On Jan 2, there was a mass exodus of tourists leaving the island - Big Harry from Oceanside commented that "it looked like the day we all had to evacuate for Hurricane Keith last year!"
Things have quieted down a bit and I can't say I'm sorry. I need the rest.
Tonight Lolita and I are headed to Belize City for the night visiting old classmates who swear that the Friday poolside happy hour at the Biltmore hotel is not to be missed! All the who's who of Belize are there it is rumoured. We are going to check it out.
Hope you all had a blast for the holidays.
Peace & Love