August 31, 2006

September Celebrations will officially be opened tomorrow night in Belize City. The official opening is being organized by the Saint George’s Caye Day Society. Executive Secretary of the society is Norma Sutherland.

Norma Sutherland:

“This year we are planning a cultural Panorama, where we’ll have different cultural presentations of different ethnic groups in Belize: the Maya, the Creole, the East Indian, Garifuna and Mestizo. We will also be presenting her Graciousness, the Queen of the Bay and also the contestants of the Queen of the Bay Pageant. The Praise Singers will also be in attendance, they will be singing the National Anthem and also some patriotic songs.”

Norma Sutherland, Executive Secretary of the Saint George’s Caye Day Society. Sutherland says highlights of the event will also include an address by the September Celebrations Committee chairperson, Godfrey Smith and Mayor of Belize City, Zenaida Moya. The guest speaker will be Yasmin Andrews who will declare the celebrations officially opened.