The island is still chilled, the athmosphere relaxed, the sun shining brightly and the crimson sunsets melting into the horizon like the big dab of butter in my unplugged refrigerator.
Last postings was around New Years if I remember. In between, the island has had a steady stream of tourists even though the Tourist Board reported a 10% decrease in arrivals no doubt due to 9/11 attacks.
Not much other than the usual on the island with the exception that the Split bar is under new ownership and they have been spending some money re-filling around the bar with sand where it was washed out from the Hurricane. Looking a lot better and even has a deck with chairs upstairs. It has become the watering hole at sunset. The Lobsterfest Committee is working hard to organize a huge bash for this one week even to take place in June at the opening of the Lobster Season. This festival has been getting better by the year. Easter coming up and there will sure to be some interesting things to report. For the moment I am keeping busy with my business and staying out of trouble. Hope to report more interesting news soon.