Thanks to all the friendly people in CC! I had a great time doing mostly nothing. The water is fantastic and the snorkeling awesome. I stayed at Seaside Cabanas, and Barbara and Sally are knowledgable and can help with just about anything. Barbara even gave me a pair of sandals when my flip-flops gave me a blister! My son and daughter-in-law stayed at Iguana Reef Inn and had nothing but good to say about the staff there as well as enjoying the a/c comfort of a stylishly done room. We think, hands down, the best dinner is Jolly Roger's grilled lobster for only $10 US. Absolutly fantastic! We also enjoyed Rasta Pasta for lunch several days. The lobster fritters, and huge shrimp, chicken or lobster burritos are great as was the pasta alfredo.We also enjoyed the grilled fish fillet at Poorman's for dinner at only $7US. I already miss the Biliken beer! We also enjoyed both Cindy's and Vespucci's Table for breakfast. The Sandbox was just OK for breakfast. I understand it is rather notorius for particularly slow service. We didn't expect anything in a hurry but were not in the least disappointed in the service at any of the other restaurants I have mentioned. Be sure to bring repellant with high percentage of DEET. What I had didn't deter the sand fleas. However, strangely enough, I never did feel them bite, nor did the bites itch. So it wasn't a big deal. Again let me say the Belizian people are very friendly and want to encourage tourism. If you are thinking of visiting, please give them a chance to show you a great time. CC is a beautiful white sand island lined with palm trees and circled by crystal turquoise water. One more thing, I highly recommend flying over from Belize City to CC on either Tropic Air or Mayan Air. The water taxis take about 45 minutes,and according to folks I talked with who came over that way, they were very crowded. The flight is 10-15 minutes and you get a breathtaking view of the water. Come and enjoy!