The Placencia Hotel: Home of music, adventure & natural beauty

With picture-perfect ocean views, unrivaled diving and snorkeling, historic temples and spectacular ecosystems, the Placencia Hotel is a haven of modern comfort and natural beauty.

But this past year, the hotel has also become a haven for music and bicycling enthusiasts, with the launch of the new Belize International Music Festival and the adventurous Temple to Temple Bike Ride.

More than a dozen artists from all over the world took part in the first ever Belize International Music Festival, held in March 2006. The Pla-cencia organized and hosted this multi-genre musical festival, and was delighted with its success. Says event organizer Michael de Jong: “All of the performances were first class and the audiences showed their appre-ciation for fine music in all genres.”

De Jong says plans are already underway to make the 2007 festival, once again scheduled to take place in March, even bigger and better than the first. “We are definitely going to expand the festival this year, and will include as many different types of music as we can.”

De Jong is also the man behind the creation of the Temple to Temple, which had its debut in January 2006. Set in one of the world’s most pris-tine ecosystems, the race consists of a 450-mile trek across Belize that takes challengers through rugged mountain terrain, steaming jungles, local villages, and unspoiled Mayan ruins.

Following the path of the ancient Mayans, Temple to Temple links Belize’s two greatest ruins — Lubaantun and Caracol. More than a race or competition, Temple to Temple is a mental and physical adventure set in one of the planet’s most beautiful corners. It is currently Central America’s longest adventure bike race.

Hosted by The Placencia, Temple to Temple is open to anyone who is medically fit and over 16 years of age. The race, which is set this year for Jan. 28-Feb. 3, will have no more than 100 competitors. The winner of the race is determined by the lowest accumulated time over the seven-day course.

The Placencia Hotel offers a variety of accommodations including seafront and sea view villas, master, king, queen and junior suites. The resort has also begun offering spa services, with special spa week and weekend packages available. The second phase of the Placencia’s condo and residences program is also underway, with properties starting at $200,000 to buy.