Christmas Da Belize

Christmas ina Belize full a expense,

House fu paint and even the fence!

Shopping week afta week da Chetumal,

Fu curtain materila and shoes and all.

Toys fu buy fu all the picnney dem,

Rollablades, dolly, walkman with FM.

And Christmas cake and licka fu buy,

So everyone wey visit could left high.

Tamales fu mek and escabeche to,

Relleno, rice and beans and maybe fofu.

Lot a Christmas decorations and lights,

So You could see dem during Decemba nights.

Da like Belizeans neva know 'e mi di come,

Last minute hustle and bustle all 'round.

Yu neva see money spend so fast,

And everybody dress fu kill da Midnight Mass.

Everybody visit dem family during the holiday,

And full up the house dem with noise everywhere.

Aunt Maria tek out 'e gifts fu breg to Aunt Jo,

Then the picnney dem stata fight pan the flo!

A tell you Christmas de wan lot a ting da Belize,

From the North wind start to blow up 'e Decemba breeze,

Pipple tek out dem sweata and say dem de freeze,

But dem only wan show off -- this da Belize!!

So remember wey I de tell you 'bout right ya today,

When you start spend all the money wey you se no dey,

You wan see wey a me de tell yu da no wey a hear,

'E actually go so!


by Brenda Aurora Ysaguirre