I'm getting ready to move to Caye Caulker.

I'll be renting a furnished apartment, so I don't need to bring very much. Still, there are a couple of items that worry me...

My PC. A laptop won't do. I need to bring a desktop PC. I can probably just pack it in a suitcase, surrounded by clothes. But I also need 2 17" monitors. The monitors I have are the old, big style, not the slim LCD ones. I could just leave them behind and by new ones. Otherwise, I'll have to ship them. Do any of you know what I should expect to pay for a 17" monitor in Belize City? How much might it cost to ship them? And what shipping company do you recomend?

I'll also need a bicycle. I already have one. Its a relatively new, low-end mountain bike. Although I've never done it, I understand that a bike can be boxed, and checked onto an airplane as luggage. If, when I pack, all my personal items will not fit in a single trunk, the bike will become my 3rd piece of checked baggage. Airlines generally charge around $100us to check an extra piece. What might it cost to ship the bike? Or buy a new one when I get there?

I am not a resident of Belize. Assuming that I do move the stuff I already have, should I expect to pay duty on it? Would it change anything if I shipped to a resident, or citizen, instead of to myself?

Thanks in advance!