"Belize's magnificent barrier reef and outer atolls provide employment for
about 1500 fishermen and their families through cooperatives that sell to
restaurants like Red Lobster". It was this part of the speech delivered by
Honorable Servulo Baeza, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, that caught
my attention at the opening of Caye Caulker's annual lobsterfest. A short
later, in his address, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Honorable Mark Espat,
mentioned the hard working fisher folk who would not be at the Caye Caulker
Lobsterfest, but who would instead be driving a 13 million dollar fisheries
industry. At that point I knew that there was more to the Caye Caulker
Lobsterfest than just the partying.

Yes, the plan had been to come enjoy Lobsterfest on La Isla Carinosa of
Caye Caulker. And yes, we were supposed to capture people enjoying
Belize's favorite shellfish, the spiny lobster, and to join Caye Cauqueños in
celebrating an industry that has sustained their island throughout its
But.well. you see, during the opening ceremonies that morning, plans
kinda changed.

JC, I'm sorry I forgot to notify you. I apologize for saying I'd be right
back but
didn't return. I really didn't intend for you to be worried about me as I
around the island. It's just that I had to find the story behind the
I'm sure that when you hear it you'll understand.

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